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Teach by Example - Mom School Week 3 (2017)

Three weeks into Mom School already!!!!
Time goes by so quickly when you're having fun =)
As our family nears the big move (that we've been waiting for, for years now) my Mom School has slowed but I was able to complete two days worth of journal pages using the Winter Girls Journal!

My Learning Something new was rereading my Trim Healthy Mama books again to learn about E meals. 

A few weeks ago my sister mentioned that she was going to give Trim Healthy Mama a go, so I decided to join her. I love eating low glycemic but have been having too many cheats lately. My hemoglobin blood test shows a slight high as well as my Triglycerides. Actually my Tryglycerides have sky rocketed! This is with me just cheating a few meals a week! Crazy what eating sugar and bread can do.

I have been reading from Different by Sally Clarkson and along with what Sarah Janisse Brown has shared, I'm really understanding Lance.  

I am adding a few books to my stack. Some easy reads because of me being busy with the move I wanted something fun. Someone recommended Skinny School, hehe.

Please share your Mom School week by linking up below.


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