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High School The Thinking Tree way =Fun-Schooling

This is a picture of Annette from yesterday. She was working hard on her history.
 Every morning she makes herself a smoothie (or at least most morning).
Annette has used Heart of Dakota since 7th grade and continues to use it but this year she's been using some of the Thinking Tree journals instead of the ones that come with the programs.

This journal is the Timeline one from the Thinking Tree. She is also using the history pages from the Portfolio and the Science Handbook. She's waiting for Sarah to finish a History Handbook.


  1. So much fun! My oldest daughter really misses the journals.

    1. It's so hard with so many different ways to learn. So many choices. Maybe she can use the journals one day a week but I know that's hard when you have all the lessons planned out. It's difficult to skip.


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