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Teach by Example ~ Mom School Weeks 5 & 6

I combined Mom School because my family was super busy getting ready to move and now that we are moved we have lots of unpacking to do. Annette and I are also painting the kitchen and dining room too! We are super excited with our new cool color, and it's actually a cool color. After living in a small space and loving my warm cozy browns and beige I needed something that was airy, light, and breezy. Dreamy Clouds is the color we picked!

So needless to say, Mom School has been Mom Fun-Schooling, haha with all the hands on stuff like painting, shopping, and enjoying our new place.

You can all see that I'm a little late with my post too. It's obviously Wednesday not Monday, hehe. I really planned to get this post up Monday but my whole computer set up is still not so "set-up" yet. My phone is not transferring pictures either.

By the end of the day I've been too tired to read my one lonely book that wasn't even included in my original stack of books.
 Its taken me a week to finish this skinny little book, that's how busy I've been. Its never taken me a week to finish a book like this. A few hours yes, but a week! No =)
 Ethan, Lance, and I started our Critical Thinking Detective book together ~ teaching by example :)
The kids are slowly getting back into a "school" routine. Our school room is full of boxes still.

As you can see this round of Mom School has looked so different from my last. Once we are settled I'd like to do another 6 week challenge and get back to hitting the books!

How have you all been doing?

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