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Trim Healthy Mama Baking Day (THM)

I've been making yummies again. I love the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook (THM) because:
~ recipes are pretty easy and you can usually make things using one bowl or the blender
~ even the E (carby) meals are low glycemic
~ the recipe uses things like gelatin, whey, coconut - almond - oat fiber type flours, flax, in other words flours that I can eat (and I use often)
~ many are good, there are times I'm so disappointed like with the truffles but many I love!

Since I was baking today I kinda ate not so good, hehe. It was all low glycemic and who doesn't like donuts and coffee for breakfast.
Trim Healthy Mama Donuts!
To make it sound super good for you I tell people I had two low glycemic donuts and an antioxidant rich cup of coffee, bwahahaha.

These donuts are sooo good. I wasn't expecting them to actually taste like those cake donuts at the store but they did! Annette, Caleb, Ethan, and Brent tried them and gave them a thumbs up!
Trim Healthy Mama Donuts!
Here's a recipe that might be close to the THM one I made.

For Lunch I had the Cry-no-more brownies, I know, I know, really bad but they were so yummy. I even got some veggies in too because these brownies have 3/4 cup of okra!
Trim Healthy Brownies
When I desribe to my friends what I had to lunch it sound more like this, "I had some yummy low glycemic ~ okra brownies and a mug of antioxidant & gelatin rich coffee", too funny but it's true.

I've also been drinking water and my good for me Apple Cider Vinegar drink. I add Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil and stevia.

The rest of the house is a mess with boxes because we moved a few weeks ago. I'm thankful the kitchen is unpacked because it's one of my favorite places to hang out.

I've been organizing my specialty foods too. One thing I like to do is put together the dry ingredients for smoothies, shakes, and coffee type drinks. I bought these Rubbermaid container and the are perfect for this!
I do this with muffins, cakes, and other recipes, like today, I made a donut mix by putting only the dry ingredients in a container. Later when I want to make more donuts all I need to do is pour my "donut mix" in a bowl and ad the wet ingredients.

On each of the little containers above, I put the name of the smoothie (abbreviated), the cookbook. I abbreviate THM for Trim Healthy Mama and B for Briana's, etc. and the page number. I'll have to write more about this later but that's what I've been up to, lots of baking =)

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