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Costco "Window" Shopping

My hubby dropped me off at Costco (this was a few weeks ago) while he took Annette to get her permit (what!?!). I was done shopping and waiting for hubby and the kids to come join me, so I went "window" shopping.

 I thought these would look nice in the backyard.
 Would love this nice set of Mikasa mugs. They are so pretty.
 I thought Josh and Caleb would appreciate these ThermoFlask drink bottles.
 I have been wanting a toaster oven for a loooong time, 15 years to be exact =)
 A great price for this Hamilton Beach hot water heater upper, funny!
 Thes G2 pens are my favorite. Especially the last six colors on the right.

 I would love a new dry erase board.
 Needed to see the price so I could show my hubby later, haha.
 Oooh, love this stove.
And this is what I actually walked out of Costco with, hehe.

😮And Annette got her permit 😮

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