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Ethan's Summer Learning Using The Thinking Tree (2017)

I'm challenging myself to have some summer learning fun with my kiddos for six weeks! Basically I want to make sure Ethan completes at least a few pages from two journals a day and two pages from Dyslexia Games Series C.
One day it could be a few pages from his Learning Guide & Literature & Poetry. Another day from the Reading Time & Secret Diary. Eventually I'd like to have him writing in the Secret Diary daily but for now, a few pages a week will do.

I'm going to do most of the reading during read aloud time and once done we both will pull out our journals (with him, either the Learning Guide or Reading Time) and have fun filling out the page or pages.

It would be great if he does Math Genius daily but we'll shoot for two times a week. I want him to continue with his regular math four times a week.


  1. We took a month off of school, and started back yesterday! I love the routine of our school days. The month off was good for the kids, but even they were ready to get back to "normal". Love the Thinking Tree journals. I am impressed with how you use them with each of your kids!!

    1. A month off is a good thing. Especially with you all homeschooling wherever your hubby's work takes you. Lots of learning going on even when the formal stuff stops.

      Thanks for your sweet words. I just hope I can get my Ethan to write a few times a week in his new awesome thinking tree journal :) He's 'allergic' to pencils :(


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