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Summer Learning Using the Thinking Tree with Lance (12yrs.)

Lately, school has been crazy with the recent move and all. We took a break last week and Monday we'll start back up. I plan to challenge myself again with another 6-week challenge. A 6-week challenge is when I make SURE we complete a certain amount of school stuff. For the next six weeks I want to make sure Lance completes Dyslexia Games and the Literature Journal.

Summer Learning using The Thinking Tree

Lance completed Dyslexia Games Series A last summer and started Series B. Unfortunately he didn't complete Series B. I plan to have him redo the first book (I think he completed Book 1 & 2). I'll have him complete two page a day throughout the summer.

With the Summer Handbook, I don't think we'll complete the whole journal over the summer. I plan to have him use it two-three times a week. I am going to pick some books for read aloud time. Ethan my 14-year-old son will have a curriculum journal too and so will I (my Winter for Girls Journal). The plan is for us all to sit and complete a page together each using our own journal.

Lance was excited about the 180 Dinosaur Read, Write, Draw, & Spell pocket size spelling book. Hopefully, he'll complete a few pages a day, that' the goal but we'll see. I'm sure swimming will be on our list of things to do and take up lots of our time.

And lastly, I'm really excited about the Classical Fun-Schooling Literature and Poetry journal. I don't see my little man coloring the pages and making them beautiful BUT it will have him practice his reading in a nonstressful way. I plan to have him read the selection out loud to me.

For math fun he'll use Math Mysteries and Practice Problems with Minecraft. He might use this or not. I'm not sure yet because I do want him to continue with his regular math program. We are kind of hopping between Professor B and PAC Math.

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