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Week 1 of Summer School using the Thinking Tree (2017)

Summer time means we have more visitors and that makes it a bit hard to get school done. We did have some visitors but were able to get some fun schooling done, yay!

One thing I am doing this summer is reading a lot more to the kids. With my two youngest I let this go way too much.

Some of our summer read alouds:

Pink & Say, a really good book about how these two became friends. This is during the Civil War. Winter Danger about an 11-year-old boy who lives in the woods with his dad but longs for a real home. Words West, when pioneers hit the road in their cover wagons between 1830-1870. These are great books that show children the same age as my kids and the hardships they endured. I'm thankful we are all safe in a lovely house with many freedoms, but at times I think our kids have it pretty easy and need to be reminded that it wasn't always this way nor is it for some kids living today.

We used the Reading Time page of our journals to write about what we read. For example, the Reading Time page has four squares. We used one square to write the main characters, another square we wrote the conflict, the 3rd square to write more information about the characters, and the last one we drew a picture.

The Thinking Tree

The boys and I also completed the Spelling Time page. We each found our words using books. Then we read the words we found. The person to our left had to use at least four words from our list in one sentences. We did this out loud because my boys are pretty allergic to pencils.

Ethan worked in his United States Journal. Next year he'll be in high school and probably won't use this one for a while so I think I'm going to add it to his summer learning. 

The Thinking Tree
With the 365 Day of Thanksgiving Journal, I asked each child what he/she is thankful for and recorded it. I plan to do this several times a week.

Here are some pages from Ethan's Learning Guide Journal.

That green thing on the Nature Study page below is from his Aloe Vera plant.
Learning Handbook by The Thinking Tree

 Journal by The Thinking Tree
 Another picture of Ethan's Aloe Vera plant. I encouraged him to write the story behind the plant but as you can see he didn't.
 Journal by The Thinking Tree

From Lance's Summer Journal.
Summer Journal by The Thinking Tree
I thought I took more photos of Lance's work but I guess I didn't. I'll have to share more next week.

We went swimming daily except for Friday because it rained. The kids have been playing Minecraft together too. They made a village and have laws like no farm animals outside so Annette is building up and has some farm animals in certain parts of her house, so cute! 

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