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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

My mug for the day ☕ Love Chick-fil-A! Just coffee with cream. Keeping it simple on a Friday.

Saturday's coffee.
Just cream today 🐄 Enjoying coffee from a Darth Vader ☕ mug. This one belongs to Brent. He received the mug as a CHRISTmas gift from his sister.

Monday's coffee: drip coffee with a tablespoon of butter, MCT oil, and a scoop of vanilla bean protein powder.

Tuesday's cup of java: drip coffee with a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter, MCT Oil, and a scoop of Vanilla Bean Protein Powder. Yum! Yup, that's why I'm drinking this yummy coffee in my YUM mug =)

Rainy, thunderyWednesday morning but it cleared up enough for me to take the kids swimming. I had an antioxidant and gelatin-rich coffee, with some healthy fats: butter & MCT Oil in a Snoopy mug.

This coffee and mug arrived in the mail for Josh. He let me be the first to drink out of it. I love the shape, size, and thickness.
Today I used my Aeropress. Made a gelatin rich antioxidant coffee with butter and MCT Oil. I was going to add a scoop of protein powder but wanted to taste the coffee since it was a new brand.

What's in your coffee this morning

Friday's mug (to be determined, haha)