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Dyslexia Games

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, Dyslexia Games. This therapy program is so unique that it's not only for Dyslexic children. Any child (or adult) can benefit with using Dyslexia Games.

Sarah Janisse Brown, the creator of this one of a kind therapy program, encourages to stop all other forms of Language Arts and use Dyslexia Games only. Dyslexia Games will become your child's temporary Language Arts program.

Visit DyslexiaGames.com

How can it become a temporary Language Arts program?  Dyslexia Games helps your child with concentration, fine motor skills, reading, writing, spelling. The program starts with your child doing logic puzzles. As the child moves through the program the activity pages 'transform' to reading and writing.

The reason Sarah encourages that we have our child stop their formal Language Arts or Phonics/Reading program when using this to help Dyslexic children is so their brains can be in a more "relaxed" mode. The child is not stressed and thus can concentrate and "work" at the logic puzzles to get the left and right sides of the brain working together.

Because this giveaway is for a set of physical books it's opened to U.S. Residents only.

Dyslexia Games Series A

Dyslexia Games Series B

Dyslexia Games Series C

When using Dyslexia Games it is instructed for some of the logic puzzles that your child use a smooth black pen. This is so your child will see a "continuous" line from the art in the book to your child's. Many times (especially the younger ones) your child will get really excited that you (mom/parent) won't be able to notice where their drawing begins from the one in the book.

If your child would like to use another color that is fine too.

To see some peek inside videos you can visit my YouTube Channel.

Dyslexia Games Series

Please visit my Thinking Tree Page to see many of the beautiful journals Sarah Janisse Brown has created for children with Dyslexia, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, struggling readers, brilliant thinkers, and/or creative learners!

If you'd like to build your homeschooling around Dyslexia Games add a Core Journal (those are the journals that have over 300 pages). That is all! Have your child complete a few pages a day in the Core/Main Journal and do Dyslexia Games.

You can slowly add other subjects in like Spelling, Math, Writing, Geography, and History. Sarah created all her journals to be 'low' stress, so even if a child is using Dyslexia Games, he can use a few of the other journals as well.

See my Thinking Tree page for links to video and written reviews.

Galaxy Grammar

I have an exciting review coming up for you all, Grammar Galaxy!!! I'm so thrilled to introduce this awesome grammar program.

Basically, it teaching grammar through story and with short lessons. The stories and concepts are great for children in 1st-6th grade. You can start your child using the first level Nebula even if he is a beginning reader and writer because the parent will do the reading.

With older children, you can have the child read it to you or use it as a family read aloud.

I think this would pair great with the Thinking Tree Journals. You can use the story and have your child complete the Thinking Tree activity pages like Reading Time, Spelling Time, and Copywork!

If you would like to try a lesson, head on over to Grammar Galaxy and download yours!

I plan to have Lance read the story out loud to me. I'll write more about how we will use Grammar Galaxy along with The Good & the Beautiful Language Arts program.  I hadn't planned on using both programs but again, more about that later.