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Galaxy Grammar

I have an exciting review coming up for you all, Grammar Galaxy!!! I'm so thrilled to introduce this awesome grammar program.

Basically, it teaching grammar through story and with short lessons. The stories and concepts are great for children in 1st-6th grade. You can start your child using the first level Nebula even if he is a beginning reader and writer because the parent will do the reading.

With older children, you can have the child read it to you or use it as a family read aloud.

I think this would pair great with the Thinking Tree Journals. You can use the story and have your child complete the Thinking Tree activity pages like Reading Time, Spelling Time, and Copywork!

If you would like to try a lesson, head on over to Grammar Galaxy and download yours!

I plan to have Lance read the story out loud to me. I'll write more about how we will use Grammar Galaxy along with The Good & the Beautiful Language Arts program.  I hadn't planned on using both programs but again, more about that later.

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