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Summer School 2017 (Lance) Good & the Beautiful Language Arts

Throughout the summer we have been doing a little school here and there. Two days ago the weather wasn't overwhelmingly hot so Lance and I went outside to do a little school. Here he is working in his multiplication journal by Leslie Monroe.

Multiplication Journal by Leslie Monroe
 He alsow worked in his Dyslexia Games book.
Multiplication Journal by Leslie Monroe
 I read my book (that I lost and haven't been able to finish.=),
 Lance is also working on some Language Arts by the Good and the Beautiful. We are using this three times a week for 30-40 minutes a day. Once school starts back up we will use it four times a week. I had him start at a lower level and we are going to go through them a bit faster.
The Good & the Beautiful

The Good & the Beautiful
Below he's brushing up on his cursive practice using The Good & the Beautiful Handwriting program.

The Good & the Beautiful

The Good & the Beautiful
Once he completes the course I'm going to have him continue practicing with Trace-a-Story: Bible.

You can take a peek inside the multiplication book by Leslie in this video below.

See the inside of the Handwriting book by The Good & the Beautiful.

A peek inside Trace a Story.

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