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The Good & the Beautiful History Year 1

I've been silent lately. Lots happening. We had my sis-in-law and her family visit. They left last week. My boys, Brent and Caleb will be home August 9th. I'm super excited. Annette is home too!!!

I haven't got pics of everything we will use this year. In fact, I've been so scatter brained that I haven't got all my ducks in a row. Hopefully, by Sept. I'll have it all together.

I also got a new desktop and haven't switched all my photos which makes it hard to blog with no pics.

For history, I'm excited and I haven't been excited about history for a few years now. We will use The Good and the Beautiful (G&B). 
The Good & the Beautiful History Year 1
The reason I'm excited is because I'm going to use this with four of my kiddos: Caleb 11th, Brent 10th, Ethan 9th, and Lance 7th. We haven't done history together in years.

At first, I was going to have everyone use their own history and I'm kinda sad that Lance won't be studying the 50 States. BUT I think this will work for us.

Here is a video of what I got.

The kids and I have already started playing the game. I'm pleased to say all those years of Heart of Dakota paid off for Annette. She knows many of the answers.

With Caleb I will add a Government course.


  1. I have missed your posts! I've been absent, too, from my blog. I have missed the connections I have with my fellow blog friends. Including you!!

    1. Me too, I miss "hanging" out with you. I miss blogging and hope to get back to it. I can't believe how slow I've been. I think I blogged once last month.

      I was happy to see your blog post come through my email yesterday and thought the same thing. I miss the fellow blogging connection.


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