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Back to Homeschool 2017/2018

Wow, another year has officially begun here at Homeschooling6! I have only six years left of homeschooling. Wow, can you believe that mamas?!?!


We started full sing Monday the 18th of Sept. but are actually on our 3rd week. Our school start-up is a bit weird. Sept. 18th is considered our first day but we are on week three.

We had visitors the previous two weeks. One being my Mother-in-law, so we did part time school those weeks.

We started a new schedule Monday too! And I LOVE it! Here is how our homeschool week looks for Caleb 11th, Brent 10th, Ethan 9th, and Lance 7th. Annette does her Heart of Dakota/Fun-Schooling using The Thinking Tree.

My Boys are using different curricula and Thinking Tree.

Monday, Thursday, & Friday Schedule:
6:30 A.M. Mom wakes up. I make my hubby a smoothie every work morning.
7:00 Wake the kids, shower, get my bulletproof coffee ready.
8:00 Bible Time with Caleb 11th, Brent 10th, Ethan 9th, and Lance 7th.
9:00 History/Science - we rotate. One day we do History the next day Science and so forth.
10:00 Everyone pulls out their math books.
11:00 Caleb & Brent do Latin, Ethan works with me. We do Language Arts together. Lance does JAM -Minecraft School.
12:00 Lunch Hour!
1:00 Caleb & Brent do Language Arts, Ethan Thinking Tree School, Lance works with me doing Language Arts.
2:00 Everyone completed two pages in their Thinking Tree Journals.
3:00 Hopefully everyone finished their assignments

Leslie Monroe Homeschool Log Book

Tuesday Schedule is a little different because I go Live on Facebook at FREE HOMESCHOOL 101. From 6:30-8:00 A.M. the schedule is the same.
8:00  I get ready for my Broadcast (I review and talk about Thinking Tree Journals) the kids do Math.
9:00 I am Broadcasting. Caleb & Brent are doing Latin, Ethan & Lance are doing Thinking Tree School.
10:00 I'm going over my Broadcasting comments & questions and the Kids are working on independent school for the rest of the day. We are still tweaking our Tuesdays.

Wednesday is Video School Day! Our day looks something like this:
Same morning routine but we cut the first to "classes" in half.
8:30 Bible
8:30 Science/History
9:00-12:00 we watch educational videos!
12:00 Lunch
1:00 audio book or more video school
2:00 work on Film Study page in our Teen Journals from The Thinking Tree.

I need to do a an updated review on Leslie Monroe's Homeschool Hours Log Book! I love it. You can take a peek inside HERE.

My Girl is Turning 18!!!

It seems like yesterday I was bringing home my second child. I was so excited to have my little girl. We named her Annette Rose, Annette after a dear friend and Rose after my Aunt Rose and cousin Rosie, both very dear to my heart.

Today Annette and I went to have a Boba Tea. We didn't actually have tea but juiced veggies. I had the Detox which included an apple, lemons, cucumber, & ginger. Annette had the Energizer. It had the same as mine but carrots were added.

Look at the cute cup 'lids'. I LOVE Snoopy. Mine is the one with Snoopy skiing.

We also went to Hobby Lobby one of our favorite places to visit. I bought lots of baskets and she bought material.

Tomorrow she will be 18. Happy Birthday Annette. I love you. You are so sweet and kind.

My girl loves to sew. She recently completed a Linus Quilt. This is a quilt that she made (material was provided by the Linus project). I thought I had a picture of it on my computer but I don't. I'll have to edit this post to show it. She is becoming quite the quilter.

Fun Schooling: Video School Wednesday

We started a new schedule here at Homeschooling6. In fact, we had our first day Monday the 19th, our first full day anyway. We have been schooling a little here-and-there throughout the summer.

Today, Wednesday, was Video Day, meaning we did Bible, History, and Math using our curricula and videos the rest of the day. On Video Day the kids fill in the Film Study page from their Thinking Tree Journal.

Fun Schooling Video Basket

This is what our day looked like:

7:00 A.M. I woke all the kids up. I was up at 6:00 (I'm not liking it one bit 😜)
8:00 Bible Time, we are using A.C.E New Testament Survey. I read through the lesson. We are also learning God's Names. Normally Bible Time is an hour but on Video Wednesday we shorten our lessons so we can watch lots of videos.
8:30 History - The Good and the Beautiful Level 1. I rotate this, so one day we do history and the next science. Next Wed. maybe a science day.
9:00 Math Time - all the kids get out math books and did 30 minutes of math. Normal time is 40-50 minutes.
10:00 we started late. We were supposed to start at 9:30 but we got distracted.
From 10:00-11:45 we watched:

  1.  A Noble Experiment -with this we are watching the video together and discussing the questions in the workbook. I actually use the Teacher Manual. Today we watched Lesson 2 Foundational Principles
  2. The Presidents - Washington and Adams
  3. Adventure Novel - Lesson  The Heroic Quest
  4. Max McLean -Genesis
12:00 we had lunch!
1:00 the kids completed to pages from their Thinking Tree Journals.
2:00 the kiddos studied AWANA verses and that was it! Normally our "school" ends at 3:00 but on Video Day it's an early day!