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My Girl is Turning 18!!!

It seems like yesterday I was bringing home my second child. I was so excited to have my little girl. We named her Annette Rose, Annette after a dear friend and Rose after my Aunt Rose and cousin Rosie, both very dear to my heart.

Today Annette and I went to have a Boba Tea. We didn't actually have tea but juiced veggies. I had the Detox which included an apple, lemons, cucumber, & ginger. Annette had the Energizer. It had the same as mine but carrots were added.

Look at the cute cup 'lids'. I LOVE Snoopy. Mine is the one with Snoopy skiing.

We also went to Hobby Lobby one of our favorite places to visit. I bought lots of baskets and she bought material.

Tomorrow she will be 18. Happy Birthday Annette. I love you. You are so sweet and kind.

My girl loves to sew. She recently completed a Linus Quilt. This is a quilt that she made (material was provided by the Linus project). I thought I had a picture of it on my computer but I don't. I'll have to edit this post to show it. She is becoming quite the quilter.


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Annette! I've so enjoyed watching you mature into a beautiful woman of God. May He continue to bless your life and guide you in His ways.

    1. Thank you, what kind words. I'll tell Annette. She still using HOD. Yesterday was our last box day :(


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