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Lamp + Light High School

This year with Lance (8th), Ethan (1th), Brent (11th), and maybe Caleb (12th) I decided to use Lamp + Light Homeschool curriculum.

Lamp + Light for High School

I haven't actually received the guide yet but I do have the four-week sample so I'm gathering my books and supplies. Thankfully I do have many of the books.

Here is what we are using for Volume 1/Year 1 -I'll put an asterisk * next to books that I am adding but is not part of Lamp + Light Homeschool. In this post, I will share the tracks we will use with L+L

Required DVDs or to stream (Netflix/Amazon):

The Bible Season 1 - Core Text or in this case a series =)
The Word audio dramatized Bible -  OT recommended but not required -(we might purchase this)
Superbook Season 1: In the Begining (part of History)

Book List (required core text): I'm not exactly sure when or what subject these are scheduled in (I'm thinking as part of the history may be) but once I have the guide I'll label accordingly. With that said, the four-week sample shows Ancient Times in the history section.

For history Lamp + Light has four tracks. We might go with Track 1 or 3 because I have all the books. I actually have most of the books in all the tracks so it's just a matter of choosing which route.

Track 1. -is to use Lamp + Light history which from the four-week sample looks to be the Bible and the above books which will also include notebooking and such. There are more instructions in the Guide but the above books are (from my understanding ) will be used.
Track 2. - is to use the Good & the Beautiful
Track 3. - is to use Notgrass American History, Notgrass World History, Economics for Everybody by R.C. Sproul, and Constitutional Literacy.
Track 4. Masterbooks -American History, British History, World History, Economics for Everybody, and For You They Signed.

***Tracks 3 and 4 are NOT scheduled in the Lamp + Light Guide -I thought they were going to be scheduled in for me but once I received the guide I realized they are not.

You can read more about Lamp + Light at their site HERE

Science: there are different tracks. These courses are in addition to L+L nature study. -I chose to go with the 101 series. Caleb will use Physics 101 and the rest of the gang will use Chemistry 101. I know Indescribable by Louie Giglio looks a bit young but I'm willing to give it a shot (see video review of Indescribable). Jane the author has it listed for ALL students -even the older ones.


Here is the breakdown because I had a hard time deciphering from the L+L website. I put them in grade levels according to the site.

***9th Grade- Master Books (9th) General Science 1: Survey of  Earth & Sky

***10th  Biology choices: Devotional Biology, Biology 101,

***11th Chemistry 101, Master Books Chemistry, Berean Builders Discovering Design with Chemistry, (lab kit & audio too)

***12th Grade Physics 101 (as shown above)

*** not scheduled in the Lamp + Light Guide - I thought they were going to be scheduled in the guide but once I received the L+L Guide I realized they are not. Only the first two tracks are scheduled (same with history).

Mom Reads: I'm excited about this part. I love that Lamp + Light Homeschool (L+L) includes mom school! I haven't read Triggers so I'm looking forward to that one (it's the first one scheduled).

I will admit I am not too excited about Teaching from Rest. I've read it and it was okay but I'm willing to read it again. Maybe this time around I'll like it. It's recommended by many moms -maybe I need to go into this book with a better attitude.

Free to Learn is another one I'm not too thrilled about but again, I'm willing to give it a go. I think since I only have six years left of homeschooling I feel like it's too "late" for this type of learning but hey, I'm sure there is something in this book for me. It's all about the attitude, right?

Year Two Mom Reads look way more interesting to me, so I might actually read those this year. If any, I'll read A Gracious Space: Fall. I think that is more of what I need this year than a few books mentioned above. Just because that's where I am at right now. I'll post the other's for Year Two just in case you are like me and might read them this year too (and then again next year).

Again, I'm really excited about Year Two Mom Reads. Just by reading the titles I know this is what I need. I purchased them all and will see if I can fit these in my schedule. Maybe other moms will be reading Year Two during Year One as well!

Art (required core text) :

Art Notebook: The first book pictured below is the one Lamp + Light recommends which I think is beautiful and totally worth the money if you know for sure you will do the watercolor portion of the program. I will be honest. I am not sure how much or serious we will be so I bought a pack of watercolor paper at Hobby Lobby. If we do well with watercolor art then I will definitely invest in the nice Art Notebook.

The Art Notebooking will be used for history, science, and at times Bible. It will be a place to hold beautiful pages of notebooking which is focused on art and will include writing, copywork, and self-written essays.

The Field Watercolor Notebook (the Visual Journal spiral notebook) is for nature study and learning watercolor techniques and according to Lamp + Light may or may not be used every year (each volume). I already had lots of smaller watercolor paper from Hobby Lobby so we will use that instead.

You can use any watercolor pencils I'm sure but here are the ones recommended by L+L. I purchased some from Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sale. I also own Derwent but those are expensive (my kids will use the Hobby Lobby ones -smile).

For the Joy & Wisdom Journal, any notebook will work. The first notebook below is the one I bought for the boys because it's a good price (under $10 -but I think has less pages). The other two are a few that Jane (the author of L+L) suggest but again, any notebook will do.

The Joy and Wisdom Notebook is like a commonplace notebook. A place for quotes, scripture, poems, lyrics, thoughts, etc. It will be a keepsake something you will want to save.

You will also need a spiral notebook for grammar, spelling, rough drafts, dictation, and other things that you most likely don't want to keep forever and ever. Just any type of spiral notebook you find at Wal-mart or you can find prettier ones online (and at local stores).

Lamp + Light for college-bound students suggest using Essentials in Writing (this is not IEW) and L+L has this listed as an English supplement. I believe English is listed under Language in the L+L Homeschool Curriculum. From my understanding Language will have dictation, reading literature, writing activities and so forth within the L+L curriculum.

L+L Language section pretty much follows a Julie Bogart style of writing: free writing, poetry tea time, conversations etc. Lamp + Light also pulls from other subjects to interweave  Language Arts throughout the program.

Poetry (part of the English course) - we will use a combination of some Thinking Tree* (Thinking Tree is not part of L+L) and Lamp + Light suggestions: Where the Sidewalk Ends and Falling Up. L+L has more book suggestions. You can use your own or go with L+L, it's up to you.

I am not sure if we will use Poetry Teatime Companion. I'm still deciding. It's recommended and I think a great addition to any homeschool library. I just have lots already (18+ years of homeschooling = we have lots of books).

There will also be Memory, Language, and Music. Math will be your choice. We will use Learn Math Fast. Our goal is to use all the levels to graduate. I just put a few below so you will know what math I'm writing about.

*Lance will do a different history than what the boys will use. I chose to use  The World's Story 1.


Instead of using Lamp + Light Language -I chose to use Literary Lessons from The Lord of the Rings. This is something I've wanted to use for years and years but have been kinda intimidated. I also have The Good & the Beautiful which is one of the tracks that L+L uses but I may skip that this year. I'm still trying to figure out our year.

I need to have the older boys complete a speech course and Logic course. I guess once I actually have the Lamp + Light Homeschool program I won't know.

I created a few Facebook Groups to keep me accountable. If you are using L+L and/or Lord of the Rings Literacy program please join us (for moms only).

Lamp + Light High School (and Jr. High) Facebook Group
Literary Lessons from The Lord of the Rings FB Group.

Recommended but not required books (not scheduled in the L+L Guide): I actually own these (need to find them now, ack!) but never implemented this. My heart was there but my physical self just never did it. This is one reason why I'm excited about using Lamp + Light -it will get me using many books I have but didn't use because "free" ranging it is hard for me. I do better with something to follow.

That is some of what we will be using this year for our 2018/2019  school year. What are you using this year for high school?