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Thinking Tree Sale!!!

Thinking Tree Journals on sale! Sales change often - I will try my best to keep this page as accurate as possible.

The Thinking Tree Sales

Educents usually has a few of the Print-at-Home journals on sale as well -so be sure to check those out too!

The newest Thinking Tree Journal is on sale for $20 (Print-at-Home PDF version), normal price will be $50. Pixel ArtThis book includes 15-pixel art activities, including lots of fun math games and mysteries! This homeschooling curriculum covers math, art, history, technology and skill-building projects for ages 9 to 12! Older kids and younger students will always want to get their hands on this book too, so the PDF makes it perfect for sharing! 

The Thinking Tree

Dyslexia Games Series C   is 20% off right now!!! 
Dyslexia Games Series C

Core Journal

Spelling/Reading/Writing Journal

Bible Games can go under math & spelling



Science Handbook & Portfolio will be ending any moment now.


Little Books

Coloring and Tracing Books

Mom Journals

Bibles & Bible Study Journals


DIY Journals

Teach Yourself to Draw

  New! 12 Week Plan!

Amazon Sales - meaning Amazon has this one sale (there is a slash over the original price) not Sarah and it can change at any time. I check for sales once a week so if the price went up an hour after I found it -it will still be on this page because I update it once a week.

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