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Summer Mama Goal

This summer I plan to get the schoolroom cleaned up. It has become a clutter room and not a good use of space.

I have books, papers, toys, and just stuff everywhere. I really would like to take as many books out and keep mostly what we are using but I don't know where to put all the 'extra' books.

Right now I'm putting them in boxes but after that, I am not sure where to put them. I don't want to put them in the garage because it gets so hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

The above picture is what my schoolroom looked like when I entered this morning.

My goal with this bookshelf is to put all our current school stuff here, in one place. 

I need to clear off this desk so Caleb can do school here. He loves having his own spot.

I originally wanted this bookshelf to be my Thinking Tree shelf but the journals were too heavy and the shelf was bowing. Instead, I am putting the curricula that I need to go through, that I might use this coming year or next. Curricula that I am not ready to part with.

Can't wait to get to this space, I didn't even touch it today. After four hours -by the time I 'left' the schoolroom, well, let's just say, there is still a lot to do.

I'm going through this drawer and either make a pre-k bin and/or give a lot of my pre-k stuff away. I mean, my kids are all teens now or beyond. 

Slowly clearing the shelves. The bottom shelf didn't stay cleared off for long. There are still lots of books.

I still need to organize this shelf but at least it has the books I want on it.

My new Thinking Tree shelf. I still need to organize them by subject but again, they are on the correct shelf, yay! The messy little in-between bookshelf space still needs to be cleaned.

That big drawer with some pre-k stuff is almost cleaned. Wahoo!

Some giveaway stuff. I'll see if my Sister-in-law who has little ones wants any of this (after I took this picture I filled it up with more - it's overflowing!).

Now I know this is not clutter free yet but it's a huge start. I have taken out hundreds of books, dusted under my desk (which you can't see, it was pretty disgusting). Threw tons of papers away, and rearranged some things. It really does look a lot cleaner. I spent 4.5 hours cleaning this area up.

I have lots of boxes with books, books on my kitchen table, books in the formal dining room, books on chairs BUT they are out of the schoolroom -HUGE accomplishment. I don't know where the books will go. I am designating one for all our Bible books: reference, study, Answer in Genesis books, maps, fold-outs, etc.

Not a huge difference but it's practically dust free, does that count? The bookshelf in the back, although you can't tell, is some-what decluttered.

It felt good to start this. Tomorrow I'll work on it some more.

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  1. I'm doing something similar right now and I've got piles everywhere! I know that the work is worth it all in the end, but oh how I know the work involved. ((hugs))