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Less Waste Challenge Week 2

Week 2 of the Less Waste Challenge (I still need to write week 1)

My Less Waste Challenge -Week 2! This week I did go out more than last week. This was seven days from Thursday to Thursday and recorded on Friday.
Thursday (I don't remember but probably stayed home)
Friday: Went to Five Guys with Annette & my dad -Annette treated me to Boba Lush, I ordered an Americano (took my own cup!)
Saturday: I don't remember
Sunday: stayed home
Monday: had lunch with a friend
Tuesday: stayed home (although in the video I said I was with Annette but that was actually Wed. It was Tuesday I henna'd my hair 🤪)
Wednesday: Orthodontics appt. went to Starbucks
Thursday: Dad I went to thrift stores and ate at What-a-Burger

Below, I copied from my YouTube Channel.

I am on week two of my Less Waste Challenge. Some of the simple things I have done is not use plastic wrap, foil, plastic grocery bags, disposable cups, utensils, paper napkins, and towels. This is a bit long as I talk about and show what is in my "trash" jar. I use a jar for my trash because it helps me to discipline myself when I know I've created waste that will have to be put in the jar -for me, it's a good thing. I am on a journey of reducing and creating less waste. I still purchase things like frozen berries and some veggies, I eat out at Wendy's -when I do eat at a fast food place I bring my own cup, napkin, which reduces the waste to just what was used to wrap my sandwich. Things I'm working on is making my own toothpaste, hair products (still using up what I have), and lotions. My goal is to reduce my trash, reduce my recycling, use less plastic, and I'll see where it leads me. Week 1 Challenge:

Replace paper towels: these I'm okay with if they become stained. Replace zippy bags: there are more options out there and I will post as I save up for them to share with you all. Replace plastic wrap: great to cover a bowl of leftovers Collapsible Coffee Cup : (that I am saving up for) I want something that weighs less (not a must but nice)
Silicone lids to replace foil when cooking in the oven: Floss: that I want to buy "Swifters" made out of bamboo: I can put these in the compost.
Long Silicone Straws: these are a bit long -I plan to buy some shorter ones. Replace grocery bags used for small trash bins. *please check with your recycling facility to know what you can put in the recycle bin and take to a drop off in your area. Things to think about before adding an item to the recycle bin! ~Rinse and let the container dry before putting in the recycle bin. ~No food in the recycle bin it can contaminate the rest of a bail which would then need to go to the landfill. ~Check to see which plastics can go in the recycle bin, things like pumps may not and will have to be separated from the container. ~Containers with plastic like almond milk containers may or may not be allowed in your recycle bin- check with your recycling center to see if they take them. Some do and some don't. ~The bags inside the cereal boxes don't go in the recycle bin. From what I read, if you can't tear it, you may be able to take it to a drop-off center like at Walmart or Krogers. ~Shredded paper! I didn't know you that most recycling places don't accept shredded paper. Some will accept it if you put it in a clear bag so it can be separated or a paper bag but write what it is. It can be composted thought. So check with your local recycling center to see if they accept shredded paper and how you should put it in your bin. This is the company that I'm looking into -to see if I can send plastics that my curbside and drop-off places won't take: https://www.terracycle.com/en-US See if your area takes milk cartons https://www.recyclecartons.com/?ref=p... And lastly, as we all know the best way to have less waste is don't buy products in single packages, buy from bulk bins, etc.
Bea Johnson is the one that started the saying, "Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot."


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