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A Day in My Life

Day 12 of My 30 Day Blog/Picture Post Challenge

My cupboard doesn’t always look like this 😁 but yesterday I organized it. It was getting out of control. I should have taken a before picture. I didn't plan on posting but then I thought, "Hey, 30 Days of Pictures Challenge", so here is my picture for the day (even though it was taken yesterday).

While I was at it I decided to clear the counter off and get it looking nice and clean too!

Since moving to this smaller house I downsized our "stuff" a lot. We do have a storage unit that is holding some furniture, my husband's tools, photos, and "stuff'" but I did get rid of over 100 boxes of stuff as well. I actually thought it was time to get rid of my many books, I never ever thought I'd say that but yup! Gave, sold, or took to Half Price Books (at least 40 boxes).

I got donated my bulky dishes and now use mostly Corelle. I love how little room they take up.

I use a little bottle rack to dry my reusable "ziplock" bags, like Stashers or as you can see here my electric tea kettle.

I got my Kefir going! Please excuse the "dirty" countertops, they are always looking like that. I clean them but they are just stained. The countertops are older than I am.

Later in the day Annette picked up Brent and I. We were off to buy some stuff for our little store. On the way, we stopped at McDonald's to pick up some coffee.

I love McDonald's coffee and never had an issue with an ugly coffee cup before. My goodness, look at that thing. If we weren't well on our way and running late I would have asked for another. Crazy, it looks like they picked it up off the ground. I'm sure it was the last one in the cup holder most likely.

After about three hours of shopping for merchandise, we were hungry. It was dinner time so we went to Which Wich. I love this sandwich shop because it's pretty good, not super food healthy but when on the go it fits the bill.

I believe the Spinach Wrap has 49 carbs. It was probably a little over though because I had tomatoes.

I was trying to find a place to eat that was good for us and not too expensive so Which Wich it was. I love that you can order a lettuce wrap. That's what I normally get but this time I ordered the Spinach Wrap. You can also get any sub as a salad ~win-win for a low glycemic eater! Wahoo!

By the time I got home, Lance had made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Lupe was still at work, Josh, Caleb, and Ethan are house sitting.

So that's what a day in my life looks like or sort of looks like. I actually left a lot out. 

The question of the day: have you ever been to Which Wich?
(I am still trying to figure out if my comment box works. If you all will be so kind and leave a comment. If you can't can you let me know on Facebook? I'd much appreciate it, thanks!)


  1. I love how you organized your cabinet! We use CorningWare all the time, too. I have never heard of Which Wich so we probably don't have one here.

  2. Hi Linda - there is no comment box but there was a clickable link that said "no comments" and when I hit it, it took me to this comment box. :D So, loved your day and I've never even heard of Which Wich although it sounds good and I love the way they take the order. :)