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Anna's Story

Anna is a singer, a songwriter, an artist, but most of all a child of the King. She has a servant's heart for the Lord. Here is her story.

At age 9 Anna Brown helped her mom illustrate the very first Thinking Tree book: A Day Like Tomorrow. Anna drew the Animals in this book!
At age 14 Anna illustrated the Puppies and Forest Animals from the popular Teach Yourself to Draw Series.
At age 16 Anna started publishing her own Thinking Tree books with the help of her mom. Some of her most popular books: Fashion Dreams, Teach Your Child 100 Words, Mom Files, and Travel dreams.
By age 17 she was earning a passive income by publishing a total of  16 books and journals!

His Story the Musical

Anna is now 18 years old and has adding singing and songwriting to her ever-growing portfolio. Her most current project is writing the musical -His Story the Musical.

What makes these accomplishments pretty amazing is Anna is Dyslexic. When she was eight years old she struggled with reading. Her mom (Sarah Janisse Brown) was starting to worry (as we homeschooling moms do when it comes to our children learning to read). Sarah prayed asking God to help her teach Anna to read.

One morning I was looking over her shoulder as she finished a beautiful portrait of a woman dressed as a character from a Jane Austin book. I watched as she signed her name like a four-year-old. "God?" I prayed "Show me how to use art to teach Anna how to read and write. I know that You want her to be able to read the Bible someday. I know that You know everything. I know that You answer prayers. Please show me how to teach Anna to read."A few days later I had an idea, so I sat down next to Anna and began to draw a series of little faces. Happy, Sad, Happy, Sad... "Anna, what comes next?" I handed her the pen. She completed the pattern. Perfectly, of course, it was art. For the next hour, I played this little art game with her. I would draw a series of pictures and she would complete the patterns. She thought we were just playing a fun little game, but I had a plan. Eventually, I began putting symbols, letters and numbers into these artistic patterns and drawings.

God answered Sarah's prayers Anna learned to read and write. But there is so much more to Anna's Story. Anna is a singer, a songwriter, an artist, but most of all she is the daughter of the King with a servant's heart for the Lord.

Anna is not letting dyslexia stop her from doing what she loves -writing songs for Jesus! Honoring him with her servanthood. Before writing the musical Anna was reaching out to the lost and hurting by volunteering her time at an orphanage in Ukraine and has stepped out of her comfort zone by going on a few mission trips as well.

In fact, it was one of the mission trips that inspired her to write His Story the Musical sharing the gospel through music. Again, Anna stepped out of her comfort zone singing for Jesus and sharing it with the world!

I wrote this because I wanted people to see Jesus the way I did, to know His gentle grace and furious love. I wanted to make something that other believers can use as a tool for evangelism that can fit any person’s unique struggle and situation.

Anna is also home educated which gave her family the freedom to fun-school. Fun-Schooling allowed Anna to concentrate on her passions and dreams. Her parents didn't require her to "school-at-home" with worksheets and fact memorization. No, they let her be creative and learn about things she was interested in.

Sarah found that by letting Anna learn what interested her, it opened up a whole new way of learning. It gave her the joy of digging deep into topics that she was passionate about and research those topics because she had a purpose too. Anna was learning to use her skills in a meaningful and in "real life" way.

His Story the Musical

Anna's parents (Josh and Sarah) also stepped out of their comfort zone with homeschooling. They decide that they wanted to put a stronger emphasis on preparing their children for a calling rather than a career.

We feel like our position is to equip them to fulfill their unique purpose on this Earth. We want them to have the freedom to serve others with their time, gifts, skills and possessions. To make it practical for them to walk unhindered in their callings.

Anna has always dreamed big and mix that with her being strongwilled, fearless, and often impulsive  - at times she didn't stop to think things through her big ideas not realizing the hard work and big messes that might be involved in accomplishing the things she set her mind on.

She learned many childhood lessons the hard way, but also grew to be full of creativity and faith. Which were two qualities needed to fulfill her calling . . .

This world needs more big messy dreams like Anna - who will not let anything stand in the way of making that dream come true. And more parents like Josh and Sarah who allowed their daughter to learn these lessons, as difficult as it was at times. I'm sure there were many days when homeschooling mom Sarah was on her knees in tears asking God for patience and help with her big dreamer!

Do you have a child with Dyslexia or other challenges? Maybe a strongwilled and fearless child-like Anna. Just remember that these are gifts. Sometimes you have to look at the end to live through the now. It may be difficult now training and teaching but our big dreamers, our ADHD children, our Asperger's syndrome, and dyslexic child have amazing abilities. These children are the entrepreneurs, the gizmo makers, the world changers, and the His Story the Musical creators.


Anna is a prolific songwriter and has written His Story The Musical, and about two albums worth of love songs, life songs, worship songs, storytellers, and soul stirrers - yet to be released.

Anna was raised on the mission field (where her parents served with Calvary Chapel) and has a very unique life experience. She is driven by a passion for the lost and broken. She has a heart for purity, redemption, orphans, trafficking victims, and her calling is to evangelism and heart-healing through music and drama. 

She currently serves with youth and helps her family with five children that were recently adopted/rescued from an orphanage in Ukraine - children who were at risk for trafficking. 

The family currently lives in Kauai and attends Kauai Christian Fellowship (the pastor of the church, Rick Bundschuh, is the co-author of the book Soul Surfer, about Bethany Hamilton). 

Anna is not only talented singer/songwriter, but she is also a beautiful role model to her generation, a girl who is full of courage, yet a little shy, a hardworking over-achiever, yet she's a professional at taking a siesta or two every day! She's strong-willed, yet tender-hearted and fun. 

She's never had a boyfriend, but her dream is to someday have a large family that includes children adopted from hard places. For now, Anna is focused on the family she grew up in. . . and her music.


His Story the Musical is an audio musical. It will premiere online on Palm Sunday, April 14th.

Anna set the Gospel to music with 30 storytelling songs that are both modern and classic. She has already reached thousands around the world with the first five songs which you can listen via YouTube.

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  1. Such a great story of encouragement for homeschooling Moms! As a mother to 4 children all with unique learning challenges and gifts this gives me hope that we are on the right track. Praying immense blessing over this musical!