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Beautiful Mug (Day 5 of 30 Day Picture Challenge)

Look what I found at the thrift store -it’s so pretty! I only paid $.89 for it two!!!

I think the patterns is called "spring flower" but I'm not sure. If you know the name of this pattern please leave a comment.

I am pretty sure this is a vintage mug/cup. I am wondering if this is the chip resistant material that Corelle uses or if it's the rocket nose Pyroceram that Corning Ware (Corningware) use to use. Does anyone know?

I am a Corningware collector. I may have to post 30 Days of Corningware (smile) to show you all my pieces.

Do you collect Corningware (I know it is also spelled Corning Ware but I will use Corningware).

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