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Cowboy & Lions Beanie Hats

🏈 Day 11 of my 30 Day Blog and Picture Post Challenge 🏈

I am not really a football fan 🏈 but had to tease my dad who is a Viking fan. I was in California and it was actually cold when I was there in January of this year (2019). So I pulled out my beanie or whatever you call these.

Mine happened to be the Cowboys one, my sister MaryEllen happened to have her team's the Lions. She's a big Lions fan. When we were little my dad picked teams for all of us and my sister is the only one who stuck with the team that was chosen for her. I don't even remember what team my dad chose for me.

I don't really like my Cowboys hat I must admit. I wear it though because it does keep my head and ears warm. The first time I wore it (in Texas) I was shocked by how warm it kept me. 

My black scarf is over 10 years old. It has a hole but is still very useable but I've been wanting a new one for a while - I recently purchased me a new beanie that comes with a mask and neck scarf! 

In Texas, the coldest days have most likely passed but at least I'll be prepared for next year. It's cute and cost $17.99 so not too bad.

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