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Mother's Day

I'm a little late writing about Mother's Day. I thought I'd better get writing before I forget about what we did on that beautiful day!!!!


My hubby has been so busy that I honestly thought he didn't have time to get me a little something (yes, my love language is gifts but not that it has to be anything expensive). My last Mother's Day I thought I was going to have to call 911 or an ambulance for my hubby and my gift was new tires on our car, (sigh, but our car needed new tires more than I needed a mom gift). Thankfully my hubby didn't need to go to the hospital but it was a scare for me.

Zojirushi bread machine

My sweet daughter Annette and handsome son Caleb bought me a bread machine!!!! I have been making bread by hand or using my Kitchenaid Mixer, then putting in the Excalibur to rise, and once done rising, putting it in the oven. I love making bread by hand but with the hot summer approaching, I was kinda dreading my bread making days.


Look at that beautiful bread. It comes out so good. I'll have to share my basic recipe. I love it because the bread comes out higher than when I make it by hand with some nice big air pockets or nooks and crannies for butter to fall in. 

With me making so much yummy bread I have gained a little weight. When I saw this picture (which I love!!!) I saw my chipmunk cheeks too!!! Eeeks, I need to calm down with eating buttered toast!

My hubby bought me some flowers. They are so cheery and bright. The green one reminds me of the truffula trees from the Dr. Seuss book/movie The Lorax.

After church, my hubby asked where I wanted to go for lunch. We could go anywhere I chose. I decided on Subway. My hubby said we could go somewhere a little more expensive if I liked. Nope! Subway, I wanted a picnic with my family. It's rare these days to have us all together. With my hubby working long hours, Annette too, and Josh going to college, we hardly get to spend time as a family.

We ordered to go and went to a nearby park. My hubby surprised me with a Mother's Day card and some goodies. Wow, he outdid himself. He gave me sugar-free chocolate and a Barns and Noble gift card.

After our wonderful lunch, the weather was so perfect (thank you Jesus), We headed to the book store. I was originally looking for the book Home-Ground Flour but they didn't have it so I bought The Prairie Homestead Cookbook!

Sadly I don't remember what we did after going to Barnes and Noble. We probably went home to relax. Oh, I remember now, hubby made dinner! We had hamburgers and hotdogs made on the grill. They were so good. It was nice spending time at home with my family.

The kids (I think Josh bought it) gave me a card -the one pictured above.

My hubby gave me a special card too, the one on the left above in the photo.

It was a really nice day. The past twelve months have been so hard making it rare to just have a relaxing day. I was very thankful to the Lord for my beautiful Mother's Day.


  1. Love everything about this! You are ahead of me in posting Mother's Day. I'm still back in April and slowly working my way through the pictures and trying to organize for posting. We also went on a picnic and I just got those photos cropped last night.

    I've missed chatting with blog friends and I hope to be more diligent in this area of my life.

    1. I miss chatting to blog friends too! I so want to get the chatting over the picket fence back into my blogging.