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God's Glory Box Review

God's Glory Box a monthly reminder of God's Glory subscription. I couldn't wait for this box of goodies to arrive. This is a pretty amazing little box because each box sent God's Glory Box will donate five meals, yes, five!!! That's a lot of meals donated for a box that cost $31.00 a month and that includes shipping.

Every month you will receive three to four products. The products are handpicked and most items are supporting a small business like Etsy. Usually, there will be at least two items that are shareable.

Some of the items included in boxes are:

  • Shirts! God's Glory Boxes include a shirt at least 6-8 times a year and I must say they are of good quality, nice and thick.
  • Books! I love books and they are included about 6-9 times per year, wahoo!
  • Jewelry! I do need some jewelry. This is an area in my wardrobe that I don't include enough and God's Glory Boxes adds jewelry at least 4-6 times per year. 
  • Other items like soaps, bookmarks, etc.  

Here is what I received in the May box!

  • The Gratitude Journal by Shelley Hitz ~ Embark on this 21-day gratitude challenge! Each day includes personal stories, struggles, and reflections, read one scripture and one quote about gratitude, appley personal application steps, and get accountability and encouragement!
  • A high-quality shirt that says, "To God be the Glory" Gal. 1:5
  • A pretty bookmark from The PorterBox
  • Two beautiful note cards to share, they have a verse Psalms 92:4 and otherwise blank.
  • Two Downloadable Hymn Prints! These are gorgeous!

I loved the high-quality items you get for the price and that each box = five meals donated so not only do you get some goodies but you are also helping families.

Just the T-shirt and bookmark alone is a $36.00 value!

For those of you who don't like surprises can get a sneak peek at what the July box will have!

Email us at admin@godsglorybox.com with Linda5 for a $5 off the first box of a 1-month coupon and Linda10 for a $10 off the 3, 6, 12-month plan.
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