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My Mobile Desk

I know this isn't the nicest picture but I'm so excited about my new desk! Well, it's really a medical adjustable, tilt, over the bedside table on wheels, wow, now that's a mouthful!


It works out so perfect. I was using the lap desk which worked out great for years. The one shown in the picture was given to Joshua by his cousin (what a great gift!!!). I took it over, hehe. Before that my sister Cynce had given me a lap desk but it eventually fell apart.

I have been wanting a medical desk for a few weeks now because I usually blog in the morning and balancing my coffee and computer on my lap desk was not easy. I'd have to put my coffee on my nightstand bending my wrist to get it. Unfortunately, I have wrist problems from a receptionist job in my earlier working years. 

It may not be pretty (I'd actually have preferred a lighter color) but it is functional and perfect for blogging, paying the bills, and such.

At the end of the day I just slide it at the end of the bed, lift the desk part up as high as it will go and wal-lah it's out of the way. I have a place for my computer now too, wahoo!

Do you all have a mobile desk (like that name better, haha)?


  1. Great idea! It looks more organized over my current desk which is the ottoman. I still have those grand dreams to get it all cleared off and get better at the clutter that piles up.