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Phil Robertson

I think I need to start up another 30-day challenge. The last one really got me back to blogging although I did miss two days. The last one being Phil from Duck Dynasty.

I still want to do 30 days of CorningWare. I just think that would be fun to share. 

Now that my kiddos are older they don't like me taking pictures of them as much so it makes for a boring post with no pics and not much to tell. Sooooooo with that said I have some exciting news! I joined the Review Crew again! I'm so excited. Maybe it will help get my blogging mojo back. I am required to post at least weekly so that will help but I miss blogging about homeschooling and this will force me too (in a good way of course!).

So, yeah, I'm excited and I'll probably make videos for most of them too now that I have my YouTube Channel up.

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