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Home School in the Woods Time Travelers World War II Review

My boys love learning about wars. My son Brent particularly is interested in World War II so being picked to review Home School in the Woods Time Travelers U.S. History Studies: WWII came at a great time for some fun summer learning!

We have used Home school in the Woods in the past and have always enjoyed our studies. Their timeline figures are amazing!


This is a downloadable product. The intended target grade levels for the Time Travels series is 3-8 but I am using it with my high schoolers. What is great about Time Travelers is you can choose books to up the grade level. There is an Additional Resources page with book suggestions or you can use google to find some books, documentaries, etc.

If you are looking for some hands-on-learning with your kiddos and love maps, timelines, making food of the era, and don't mind some cutting and pasting than read on because Home School in the Woods history notebooking and lapbooking might just be what you are looking for to add some fun-schooling to your days!

The unit study is well put together. Although it can be overwhelming at first with all the pdf links~ Home School in the Woods makes it extremely easy to follow.

Here is how it works (or I suggest how to get started): I only print five lessons at a time because otherwise, it's too much paper for me. I also prefer to print out all the Text and Project Pages.

Go to file folder that says 'Menus' (right above PDFs), hit Lesson Projects 1-5 to start. A window will pop up with everything you need for each lesson.

The way that is simplest for me is to print the Text Page and also print the Project Pages. Once I have the Project Pages in front of me I can read exactly what I'll need to print and how; like do I need cardstock or colored paper etc. The Project Pages will tell you if you need to print on cardstock or regular printing paper, if double-sided and so forth.


Everything you need to get started will be on the Project Pages. Scroll down to the bottom and there will be Main Menu, Teacher Helps, and Project Photos.

IF, you prefer to print all the text out at once, then you'd go to PDFs, find the file for Lesson-Text, click on it and print away! You can do the same for Projects, Masters, etc.

And Lastly, if you do well with a tablet, iPad, phone, or any other device, you can get away without printing the Text, Project Pages, and Keys ~saving paper and ink. I don't do well using devices so I print almost everything. I have tried in the past to use less paper but it's too hard for me, not sure why but it is.

Another handy thing to print is the Lesson Plan Schedule, with this click the PDFs, then the Intro-etc file, then you will see the pdf for Lesson Planner, click and print. Now you can see all 25 lessons on one page!

Now that you have some tips with getting started let's get into how to use your Time Traver WWII Unit Study!

This unit study is pretty amazing! There is so much included in it. You get a timeline, timeline figures, copywork (or use it as dictation for older students), fun projects, recipes, your student will make a "newspaper", do some map work, and of course put together a lapbook!

There is even an Additional Resources page that gives you book and movie recommendations.

25 lessons are included. Depending on the age and the abilities of your child(ren) the lessons can span up to a week. Some with fewer activities may be completed in less time and others as mentioned may take the whole week. For instance, Lesson 8 has eight total projects from copywork to making a felt Garrison Cap! This one you might want to spread out over the course of a week.

The lessons basically walk you through everything, all you really need to do for planning ahead is read what materials you will need and what pages to print (I print five lessons at a time).

Here is an example of what a week might look like (lesson 8 example week):
~ Monday: Copywork and the timeline
~ Tuesday: Do some writing by completing the Frontline News
~ Wednesday: Mapwork and complete a project which would involve coloring, cutting, and creating an overlay together of the way soldiers dress.
~ Thursday: Complete two projects the You're in the Army Now and Soldier's Basic Field Manual.
~ Friday: Your child will make the Garrison Cap!

So as you can see one lesson may have (not all have that many activities) enough projects to last a week or so. You can easily make Lesson 8 last two weeks by adding books and movies and doing fewer projects.

The Lessons Project are pretty consistent:

1) Penmanship "Words of World War II: this is copywork.

2) Notebook Timeline: each lesson will have the names of what timelines to cut and paste to the timeline.

3) Frontline News: fun creative writing assignments ~writing articles for the "Frontline News" ~ Read an article about creative writing with newspapers!

4 - 8) Activities ~ not all lessons will have this many activities.

Although the Time Travelers U.S. History Studies target grade is for 3rd-8th I used it with my high schooler as summer fun learning. Brent was the most interested so we did it together. We met daily and while I read the Text Pages he would color, cut, or paste depending on the activity/project. Once I was done with the reading I'd help him complete the projects.

We worked on this at least three times a week but aimed for four times a week. We had hoped complete our lapbook to show you all how it looks when done, but we didn't (I do plan to have a follow-up to this review with the completed lapbook).

I've had some questions regarding using the Time Travelers with older kiddos in high school. We actually are planning to use their Civil War study but just as an add on for fun. As for high school credit in history, I'd have to say no. You would really have to beef it up with more research and writing. A few things you could do:
  • Use copywork for dictation and/or find longer passages
  • Cut out the newspaper photos and images and create your own newspaper in a notebook so your high schooler can write more than one paragraph. Have them do some research before writing their article for the "newspaper"
  • Vocabulary words, have your child write them out, add what part of speech, the derivative, and write a sentence, etc.
  • In the Your Service Record Book, add more journal pages, research real people from WWII and add their stories, add their Medals, Citations, and Decoration dates, their Battles and Campaigns.
That's my suggestions but again, do your research with what your state requires. If you have younger kiddos working on this and your high schooler would like to join in that would be ideal as you'd really have to flesh this out to make it high school creditworthy (and use more than one Time Traveler Studies)

My thoughts on Home School in the Woods Time Traveler's U.S. History Studies, love it! So much thought went into these projects, notebook, and lapbook. My kiddos and I like how some of the documents and pictures are "real" from old newspaper clippings and such. Makes it more fun when the items "are" from the time. 

To get an idea of some of the recipes in their lapbooks, read Adding Interest to History with Recipes! Some of my kids' favorite recipes have been from homeschool in the woods. Ethan often requests the Honey Cake Basbousa from the Ancient Egypt Project Passport pack!

Add some fun hands-on-learning with Home School in the Woods!

I created a video that goes over most of the supplies you will need to complete this pack. Feel free to watch that on my YouTube Channel. I plan to make another video once we complete our lapbook and notebook.

Be sure to read the Crew Reviews and visit Homeschool in the Woods to see all their products!

World History (Project Passport), U.S. History Studies (Time Travelers) and Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures  {Home School in the Woods Reviews}

Crew Disclaimer

Delilah Box for July

My Delilah Box arrived last week, wahoo! The books were really good and I  look forward to reading them. The Heart of a King and Missing Isaac!

The Delilah Box is a monthly subscription box woman. Here is a snippet from the website:

The Delilah Box is designed for those of us who wish to learn about the lesser-known, lesser liked and sometimes more relatable women of the bible. As women of faith, we all strive to be Mary's; yet truth be told, there are definitely days we feel more like Delilah. We fall from grace, we make mistakes, love hard, love wrong and carry on. The Delilah Box's goal is to create a community of spiritual women who appreciate and learn from all the women of Christ's time...even the Jezebels

Each month you receive two books, sometimes even three 🙌 and some goodies, like tea, stickers, soy candle, Bible journaling stuff, etc.

#thedelilahbox #julyunboxing #bookbox

Normally Taylor, the creator of this box includes a homemade drawstring bag but she must have been busy this month so she added a reusable grocery bag instead. Yup, I'll be using this, I already put it in my purse!

I love that I received a pink one! It's one of my favorite colors. We also received a notepad, wahoo! I actually gave the notepad to my daughter to use. I still have one from a few months ago.


I like that Taylor usually adds some cards to the box and of course love the pen. The pen works as a stylus too!


Tea, I need more tea in my life =) My daughter took the herbal tea, she is starting to drink tea at night before she goes to bed.

#thedelilahbox #christianbooksubscription

The book looks so gorgeous! Love the vivid colors. The Heart of a King is going on my TBR pile for August. I'm going to try and read Missing Issac as well but since I have at least seven books already picked out, it's not officially on the list for this month. Hope I can get to it though because it sounds good!!!

I was also told that there are books from the women's perspective from The Heart of a King, so I'd like to read those as well. They are only on Kindle though so I might snag those as well.

The book Here We Go! God's Roadmap for You is small enough to put in my purse!

I really enjoyed this months box! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ So don't forget to check out The Delilah Box website. There is a coupon code there to receive 15% off your first box.

Watch my unboxing below 👇


Britfield and the Lost Crown ~Gorgeous Book Cover!!!

Look at this beautiful cover!!! I just love it and can't wait to read it. It's going to be added to my August TBR list. Britfield and the Lost Crown surely does sound like a fast passed action-filled book and I can't wait to dive into reading it. What an adventure I'll be going on!


I am receiving the audiobook but decided to buy the book for me. My kiddos love listening to audiobooks and I love having the physical book. How about you? Do you prefer audio, kindle, or the actual physical book?

Speaking of TBR Lists, I just recently posted a video of what I thought of my July reads.

I must say two of them got one stars. Imagine Me Gone and Days Without End. Imagine Me Gone should be rated R+ it was gross and Days Without End used the Lord's name in an awful way, way too many times. I couldn't finish either of them.

I think my favorite book for July would have to be Sorcery of Thorns. I fell in love with the characters; Elisabeth, Nathaniel, and Silas. A totally new genre for me. It's Young Adult (YA) fantasy. Someone in a FB Group said Nathaniel was Bi-you-know-what but I didn't catch that. It might have been in the beginning and I admit I was super tired at times when I'd pick up the book to read. I'm wondering if I missed it. I do want to reread the book and when I do I'll keep my eye out for that.

It was a fun read though and I gave it four ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I was really sad to have the book end.

I would like to give a more thorough review of each book I read in July on my YouTube Channel. I want to let moms know how much romance is in the book, any cuss words or using the Lord's name ~more of that kind of review than an in-depth review of what the story is about. I think there needs to be something like that out there for conservative moms like myself.

Look what a beautiful mug I received in my July OwlCrate Box! I was super excited as you all know how much I love mugs!

#harrypotter #harrypottermug #owlcratemug

Check out Britfield and the Lost Crown website, it's beautiful just like the book cover!

Once Upon A Book Club

Today I received my Once Upon A Book Club box. I haven't opened all the gifts just yet so no spoilers other than the book!

#onceuponabookclubbox #monthlybookclub

Once Upon a Book Club is a monthly subscription box. As you read the book there are post-it notes letting you know when you can unwrap a gift. Each gift has a page number on it.

From the website:

A unique reading experience! Each month you'll receive a book (can be paperback or hardcover) to read, a 5" x 7" quote print, along with 3-5 corresponding gifts to match a quote/item mentioned in the book. Each individually wrapped with a page number. Readers, open the gifts as they finish the corresponding page. The experience is unforgettable! It makes the reader feel as if the book is coming to life!
You'll also find book club discussion questions in each monthly box. Each question will have a date next to it. Log onto our Instagram page on that date to discuss the book with other members of the Book Club community!

I am loving everything about this box so far and I haven't even opened a gift yet. The soft colors of the blue are so pretty!


I won't be reading the book just yet (even though I want to dive right in) because I'm still reading my June TBR books!

A funny about the book. A few days ago Annette and I were at Barnes and Noble. It was really hot that day, like 105* so we spent a lot of time at B&N: it was so cool in there. On our way out to the car, I was telling Annette how I couldn't wait for my Once Upon a Book Club Subscription Box because the book sounded so good.

Once Upon a Book Box gives hints on their website, so I pulled the site up and started reading the hint. When I finished reading Annette said, "I could have bought you that book, I saw it in Barnes and Noble", I was like, "What!"

She had picked up that book and read what it was about. She said it was almost word for word. I asked her what was the name of the book: she couldn't remember, so we googled it. When the box came today I knew it was The Long Flight Home!

God's Glory Monthly Subscription Box for July

God's Glory the July Box (Review)~ every box shipped provides five meals (over 400,000 so far) to American families. Double blessings for you and others, actually that's triple blessings as each box includes goodies for you, something to share, and donates FIVE meals, wow! That's a lot of encouragement and reminders of God's Glory.


Here's what was in the July Box!!!

What I love about the t-shirts from God's Glory is the quality. I really do appreciate that the shirts are nice and thick. Not scratchy or thin. They will last for a while. I love the message on my mystery shirt; Faith, Hope, Love! And the color is one of my favorites, is it Burgandy? That was one of my wedding colors!

The solid lotion has a Bible verse on it and I love the name of the lotion- Amazing Grace! The ingredients are Shea Butter, Beeswax, coconut oil, and Fragrance oil. 

I'm not sure if the fragrance oil is the combination of Bergamot, Lemon, Citron, and Neroli but that is what it shows under the name Amazing Grace.


From the site:

Italian bergamot and sparkling lemon that is sweetened with freshly picked citron and neroli. A white floral jasmine, orange blossom, and rose are blended with sheer musk and cedarwood.

I didn't particularly care for the scent but I checked out the website and there are many, many, scents to choose from. I would have preferred the Alomd scent or the Butter Cream and Snickerdoodle, now that sounds yummy!

Even though the scent was not my favorite I love that the lotion doesn't have harmful chemicals. You can feel good about giving it as a gift to someone knowing it doesn't have a zillion ingredients.

The Cd ~ Southern Girls is really nice. In fact, I am listening to it as I write this blog post! Tiona's has a relaxing. For me, it's great to listen to after a busy day. When you need to unwind. 

You can listen to some clips on her website at Tiona Cambell.

The Scripture card is going on my fridge, although I probably should buy a nice black frame for it or a shadow box! On the other side of the Scripture card is a coupon for Beautiful Lettering. I'm tempted to get this book.

Faith Over Fear stickers ~I'll probably put one in a card to a friend and the other I plan to stick on my collapsible storage bin or maybe on a notebook.

Use coupon codes below to get a discount!


Visit God's Glory Box website to take a peek at August goodies!!!

Watch my Unboxing!

Annette's Making Book Sleeves

My daughter Annette opened an Esty shop and she is currently selling book sleeves! I'm so excited for her. The name of her Etsy Store is Sewing Corner Creations.

#sewing #booksleeves #bookishitems

We have lots of questions to ask you all but today's question is Pockets or no Pockets? She will most likely sell some with and without pockets but we wanted your input as well.

#booksleeve #bookishitem

Here we have to small book sleeves one without a pocket and one with. We are also wondering if the pocket on the sunflower on should be higher. And just in case you are wondering the sunflower one is in her Etsy Shop already. The beautiful black and white one hasn't been put up yet.

Here is a view from the top. The black and white has a thinner smaller book: No Fear Shakespeare and the sunflower book sleeve has a larger thicker book: J.R.R Tolkien. Both fit.

#bookishitem #booksleeves

Here the books are lying on the book sleeve so you can get an idea of the size. The dimensions are 9x7. I think they came out so pretty.

So what do you think, pockets or no? 

Coffee and a Classic Book Box for June

I love this book box because it has everything bookish I love! Coffee, mug, bookmark, and of course a book + a snack and some bookish items AND you get a photo box too!!!


I think my most favorite thing in this box is the mug. Totally love mugs. As much as I try NOT to buy them. There is just something about a mug. 

This month I chose the genre of Classic Literature. You can choose from Children's Classic or Classic Non-Fiction as well. Coffee and a Classic will always let you know what book you will be getting so if it's not for you, you can switch the genre or skip that month.

In this box I received:
  • *Don Quixote book ~beautiful flex "leather" edition
  • *Car coasters, I never thought to have coasters for the car but love the idea. These ones are made from a clay I believe and will be useful with absorbing the condensation from our drinks!
  • A beautiful Coffee and a Classic bookmark.
  • The COFFEE!!!  
  •  A Journal which I'm using to annotate my books or basically write down the characters and such.
  •  Munchies ~Don Quixote Mix a blend of fruit and nuts!
  •  Black Photo Box, what a great idea. 

*items are not the same as what I received

I love that everything in this subscription box is not junk but useable or eatable (wink) items. Ashlee has done a great job putting these boxes together.

#coffeeandaclasic #bookishitems #coffeeandaclassicjunebox

I love the detail that is put into all the bookish goodies. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous!


Of course, we can't forget the book! It's a flex bound book.

#coffeeandaclassic #coffeeandaclassicsubscription

Watch my unboxing!!!

Next month I have decided to go with Classic Non-fiction. The book: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. I have a few of her books that I haven't read (I know, I know). I don't think I have this one. My books by Rachel are packed.

Hopefully, by me getting Silent Spring through Coffee and a Classic I'll add it to my August TBR list.

🦉 My First OwlCrate Book Box 🦉

I got my first OwlCrate Book Box a few weeks ago. My sister MaryEllen from Portraits of M.E. gets their box sometimes and there is always fun bookish stuff, so I finally decided to get a few boxes. 

#owlcrate #subscriptionaddiction #bookboxsubcription

What is OwlCrate? It's a monthly young adult subscription box. Here is what you can expect:
  • A Young Adult (YA) new release book signed by the author!
  • The covers of the books are OwlCrate exclusives meaning you can't buy that cover on Amazon or anywhere else. It's exclusive to OwlCrate (how neat is that!!!).
  • 3-5 bookish items ~ many are useable items
  • Some of the items are an OwlCrate exclusive
  • The box has a creative theme, meaning everything ties together.
  • Also in the box is a little booklet that shows the OwlCrate exclusive cover and the regular cover, along with an interview of the author and one with a creator of an item.
Love the beautiful vinyl sticker! Isn't it gorgeous? I am not sure where I'll put it but I think it's beautiful! This could be put on your laptop or even a desk, maybe the refrigerator. I actually might put it on my mobile desk now that I suggested it! (edited to add, yup! I put it on my desk)


What sucked me into purchasing the June theme: Libraries of Wonder!!! I love libraries and the theme was inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, Strange the Dreamer, and Beauty and the Beast.

Scorcery of Thrones is about a girl who grew up in a library. She is accused or set-up of for killing the Director so she is taken from the only home she knows (the library) to go on "trial". She finds out that she has a power she didn't know she had. Amazon has a much better description but I tried.

I don't know much about Strange the Dreamer but Narnia and Beauty and the Beast I do. 


There were lots of fun bookish goodies like Narnia bookends!!! The bookends have been in the making for 10 months, can you imagine how hard that was for OwlCrate to keep a "secret"!

Even the bottom of the bookends has beautiful detail.

The monthly OwlCrate exclusive pin (each pin is numbered) is beautiful. Look at those colors and it sparkles! 

#owlcrateexclusivepin #bookish

I wanted to share a little bit about the pin and how much detail and thought went into it. The purple background is the same color as the exclusive OwlCrate book cover, there is a person in the book that can turn into a cat, the green books represent the green cover that is on the non-exclusive OwlCrate book, (meaning if you didn't buy yours from OwlCrate you got the green cover), and lastly the "Child of the Library" is because Elisabeth the main character is referred to the child of the library because she grew up in the library.

I love the bag and now know that the quote from Laini Taylor is the Strange Dreamer part of the theme, oh yeah, I'm learning the authors.  

#owlcrate #owlcratebookbag #owlcratesubscriptionbox

There were also coasters in the box. It was packed!

I'm editing because I forgot to mention the coffee! How can I forget the coffee!!! Yes, lots of exclamation marks because I LOVE COFFEE (happy dance). I will edit this post again to add a picture. I would add it today but the lighting is not good.

Next months theme: Tournaments and Trials

#owlcrate #julybookboxtheme

I'm familiar with The Hunger Games and The Selection but not the A Gathering of Shadows. What about you all? Are you familiar with the inspired items and book titles?