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Business Meeting

Yesterday Annette and I had our first business meeting for Sewing Corner Creations! I'm so excited for her. We talked about sizes, how many she can make a week, her goals for the year, month, week, ahead.

One day she would love it if Sewing Corner Creations can pay for lunch! We had lunch at our favorite tea room. 

This is one of the centerpieces. My picture doesn't do it justice. It really looks so much prettier.

I love the pretty pinks in the flowers. Here is one that was on our table.

It was nice and we were thankful not to be out in the hot sun. It was 105* yesterday. We were out-and-about all day but thankfully much of the time we were able to be inside where it was cool, like at JoAnne's. Love air-conditioned places.

Currently, Annette is making book sleeves. 

Annette even bought me a mug!!! How special is that?!?!


I love these photos she took of her latest book sleeve.

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