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🦉 My First OwlCrate Book Box 🦉

I got my first OwlCrate Book Box a few weeks ago. My sister MaryEllen from Portraits of M.E. gets their box sometimes and there is always fun bookish stuff, so I finally decided to get a few boxes. 

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What is OwlCrate? It's a monthly young adult subscription box. Here is what you can expect:
  • A Young Adult (YA) new release book signed by the author!
  • The covers of the books are OwlCrate exclusives meaning you can't buy that cover on Amazon or anywhere else. It's exclusive to OwlCrate (how neat is that!!!).
  • 3-5 bookish items ~ many are useable items
  • Some of the items are an OwlCrate exclusive
  • The box has a creative theme, meaning everything ties together.
  • Also in the box is a little booklet that shows the OwlCrate exclusive cover and the regular cover, along with an interview of the author and one with a creator of an item.
Love the beautiful vinyl sticker! Isn't it gorgeous? I am not sure where I'll put it but I think it's beautiful! This could be put on your laptop or even a desk, maybe the refrigerator. I actually might put it on my mobile desk now that I suggested it! (edited to add, yup! I put it on my desk)


What sucked me into purchasing the June theme: Libraries of Wonder!!! I love libraries and the theme was inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, Strange the Dreamer, and Beauty and the Beast.

Scorcery of Thrones is about a girl who grew up in a library. She is accused or set-up of for killing the Director so she is taken from the only home she knows (the library) to go on "trial". She finds out that she has a power she didn't know she had. Amazon has a much better description but I tried.

I don't know much about Strange the Dreamer but Narnia and Beauty and the Beast I do. 


There were lots of fun bookish goodies like Narnia bookends!!! The bookends have been in the making for 10 months, can you imagine how hard that was for OwlCrate to keep a "secret"!

Even the bottom of the bookends has beautiful detail.

The monthly OwlCrate exclusive pin (each pin is numbered) is beautiful. Look at those colors and it sparkles! 

#owlcrateexclusivepin #bookish

I wanted to share a little bit about the pin and how much detail and thought went into it. The purple background is the same color as the exclusive OwlCrate book cover, there is a person in the book that can turn into a cat, the green books represent the green cover that is on the non-exclusive OwlCrate book, (meaning if you didn't buy yours from OwlCrate you got the green cover), and lastly the "Child of the Library" is because Elisabeth the main character is referred to the child of the library because she grew up in the library.

I love the bag and now know that the quote from Laini Taylor is the Strange Dreamer part of the theme, oh yeah, I'm learning the authors.  

#owlcrate #owlcratebookbag #owlcratesubscriptionbox

There were also coasters in the box. It was packed!

I'm editing because I forgot to mention the coffee! How can I forget the coffee!!! Yes, lots of exclamation marks because I LOVE COFFEE (happy dance). I will edit this post again to add a picture. I would add it today but the lighting is not good.

Next months theme: Tournaments and Trials

#owlcrate #julybookboxtheme

I'm familiar with The Hunger Games and The Selection but not the A Gathering of Shadows. What about you all? Are you familiar with the inspired items and book titles?

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