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Once Upon a Book Club for August

Once Upon a Book Club is one of my favorite monthly book boxes!


This months book was The Turn of the Key ~ a thriller suspense type of book. It wasn't too spooky which I'm glad about.

It's about a young lady named Rowan. She applies for a nanny job that pays a lot of money. Way more than a nanny salary. The catch is the old house is "haunted" but there is no spooky demon type stuff.

My only dislike of the book is the four-letter "f" word is used at least once every other page and instead of saying "Oh, my goodness" or "Oh my word" they use God's name. 


The gifts are high quality and things I'll use with the exception of the neckless. I don't know what I'm going to do with a necklace that has an R on it. I would have liked it to be something that all the Once Upon A Book Club subscribers could use. Maybe like a heart, a fake pearl, just something different. What am I going to do with a big R, 🤣


I mean, look at the size of the R. It's beautiful but just not something I will keep (sigh).


The note was the first gift to open and it had the pink cable thing that you can use for multiple devices. I really liked that. It's pretty.


Can you guess what's in this box? With Once Upon a Book Club, the gifts correlate with the story. On page 213 a flower and a mug where mentioned.


And the quote, "Kindness is as kindness does" is from the book. Do you all hear Forest Gump, that's what it reminded me of 😂

There was also a letter as one of the gifts from a character in the book.

So what exactly is Once Upon a Book Club? It's a monthly subscription box that brings your reading experience of the book to life! How, by adding little post-it notes in the book on a certain page that tells you when to open your gift. The gift has to do with something in the book. 

For instance, with the mug and purple flower, there was a scene where Rowan the nanny picked up a flower and placed it in a mug. That is where the post-it not that had written you can open your gift.

It's a pretty neat subscription box. The box that everything comes in is so gorgeous!

The books are new releases. There are two books to choose from, young adult and adult. You don't know what the book is until you open the box. On the Once Upon a Book Club website, they do give you a summary of what the book is about so you do have time to skip that month if you think you won't like the book.

Watch my unboxing! Use my referral code to get $5 off your first box! 

Owlcrate Unboxing for July

Hey, homeschooling mamas, hope all is well. Here in Texas, oh my, it's been so hot. We are in the triple digits!!!

I'm a little late with my unboxing. This one was the July box for Owlcrate. I loved, loved, the bookish goodies in this box.

#owlcrate #spinthedawn

Owlcrate is a monthly young adult (YA) book box. Every month's book is a new release! How fun is that. I've not been into new releases but its been fun and I'm really enjoying the new genres ~ I've not delved into YA fantasy and/or mystery type books.

To me, it seems like most the books are geared toward girls. I think there are not many guy authors writing these types of books right now. It would be nice to have some strong male leads (yup, mom of 5 boys here).

Right now it's only me reading the books but I must admit I do get the boxes for me 🙈

#spinthedawnbook #owlcrate

Spin the Dwan by Elizabeth Lim kinda like Mulan meets project runway, at least that's what everyone is saying (including the author) or maybe they said fashion runway, well anyway, you get the idea 😉 Isn't the cover gorgeous.

Owlcrate's books always come with an exclusive cover. The original cover has the font in silver, I must say, I do prefer the gold that Owlcrate's books have. So pretty!

#owlcrateharrypottermug #harrypottermug

My favorite item in the box was, of course, the mug! It's so pretty! Totally love the size. I think the handle could be a little bigger but I am loving it. This is a third in a series of seven. Since I'm new to Owlcrate I've missed the first two. Owlcrate did bring the previous two mugs back as a preorder but I didn't get them 😱

#darkershadeofmagic #owlcrate

Deck of cards inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic. I have no clue who the characters are. Like I've mentioned, I'm new to these types of books. They are pretty though. The art is amazing!


Isn't the pin pretty? It even has glitter. Each month Owlcrate works with an artist to create a one of a kind pin that is inspired by the book. This one has a pair of scissors, a moon, a sun, and a piece of cloth.

#owlcrate #owlcrateunboxing #spinthedawn

A quote inspired byThe Night Circus, again, I am not familiar with this book. The puzzle that is in the blue Owlcrate bag from the quote card. I don't want to lose this card because it will help me put the puzzle together.

There were a few more items as well. I really liked this box. Are you an Owlcrate subscriber?

They also have Owlcrate Jr. I'm tempted to skip a young adult box so I can try the elementary age box!

Mugs, Mugs, and More Mugs

What kind of mugger are you 🤣


1. Do you hoard mugs
2. Do you collect mugs on vacation or when visiting a special place
3. Collect them but don't use them
4. Don't really own any
5. fill-in-the-blank (would love to hear about you and your mugs!


I'm a hoarder and I love collecting mugs from special places we visit. I also like to gift someone with a mug and I buy the same mug for myself. When I use that mug I pray for that special person.

God's Glory Box ~ August

Oh, my! It's been so hot here in Texas! Our little house is NOT insulated and the window units are tired. How I miss central air conditioning BUT I'm thankful. I'm thankful because it could be worse. Imagine over a hundred years ago living in a cabin~ so thinking about that brings me back to thankfulness.

And of course, getting my monthly God's Glory Box! This month there was a cute Fruits of the Spirit Journal in there, wahoo! Guess what I'll be studying this month?!?!

#godsglorybox #godsglorymonthlybox

God's Glory Box is a monthly subscription: a monthly reminder of God's Glory! With each box mailed God's Glory Box will donate five meals through Feeding America. They also work with small and local businesses!

In the August box I received:
I always feel so spoiled and blessed when I receive my box of goodies.

I love homemade soaps! I love buying local or from a small family business. This is what I love about God's Glory Box is they support the smaller companies!

Beautiful bracelet. I'm going to keep one of the lip balms and give the bracelet away. Just switching up my shareable items 🙂

When you join the God's Glory Box monthly subscription ~ you are helping American families as well with meals. How wonderful is that?

Please use my special code below to get either $5 or $10 off as a new subscriber.

Watch my unboxing (yes, I thought it was t-shirt month 🙈) 🤣


Thank you God's Glory box for allowing me to share the boxes with others!

Memoria Press Ninth Grade Literature Guide Set ~Review

If you've been homeschooling for a few years, you've most likely have heard of Memoria Press. It's well known for its Classical Christian education teaching. Their Latin course is very popular among the homeschooling communities.

#memoriapress #literaturestudy

I received the Ninth Grade Literature Guide Set which focuses on Old English and Medieval Works ~ I have to admit was a challenge for my boys. We started with the Henry V Set.

We received the Teacher Guides and Student Workbooks (the reading books were not provided):
Memoria Press recommends certain editions of books, so not just any edition will work because the pages assigned won't line up with the book pages. For example, with Henry V the FOLGER Shakespeare Library edition the student is to copy the family lineage diagram. There are other pages assigned like xiii-xiv, information that won't be found in another copy.

The Study Guide can be used with students in grades 8-12. If using it with 8th or 9th your child may need more guidance and/or adapting the program. Memoria Press states that the guides were written comprehensively so if you need to assign fewer vocabulary words, questions, etc. that is fine as they would rather you need to do less than wishing there was more.


In this set includes the Teacher Guides and Student Workbooks for~  Canturberry Tales, Beawolf, Sir Girwin and the Green Night, and Henry V. Henry V and Beawolf Student Workbooks are smaller and you will need a separate notebook to complete the assignments.

The Canterbury Tales and Sir Gawain & the Green Night Workbooks are consumable and are intended for the student to write in the workbooks. Now looking back I think it would have been a good idea if we would have started with one of those instead of Henry V as my boys struggled with Henry V. Not sure if it would have made a difference but it's a thought to consider.

What I really appreciate is the Teacher Guide has the exact same pages as the Student Workbook so if you are working with your child you both have all the vocabulary words, discussion questions, definition bank, and so forth. This makes things so much easier because you don't have to purchase two Student Workbooks (as I've done in the past for convenience with some publishers).

The study guides move through a four-stage method. This is really nice because the student knows what to expect throughout the course.

The Four Stages are:

Stage 1: Pre-Grammar/Preparation ~ this stage prepares the student to understand the Central One Idea. The Study Guide will ask 2-3 questions to get the student thinking in a certain direction. This question may be of something related to the Central One Idea or about the basic plot or subject.

Stage 2: Grammar/Presentation ~ in this stage the student is presented with the basic grammatical units; facts, elements, features, and ideas. The student encounters use facts in the Reading Notes and learns new vocabulary words.

Stage 3: Logic/Dialectic ~ the student begins to uncover the can figure out the Central One Idea. The discussion questions in this section is meant to be verbal but you may also assign some of the questions in written form as well. We did this verbally.

Stage 4: Rhetoric/Expression ~ The final stage is where the student describes what their interpretation of the Central One Idea. This is done by having the student summarize, write the Central One Idea, support it, write a lead that grabs the reader's attention. The student will write an essay to express the Centra One Idea.

The Ninth Grade Literature also teaches how to mark a book, yup, you read correctly! Mark that book up with underlining, write notes and ask questions. Memoria Press uses the "Mortimer Adler "method" from How to Read a Book.

Brent and I worked through Henry V together. I will admit we were not looking forward to reading Shakespear because for us it's a hard read (I know, I know). With that said, I do believe studying Shakespear is beneficial for my kiddos. It is said that if we can read Shakespeare we can handle reading almost anything and understand complex documents (like all the legal, fine, print type of stuff).

We read through the Reading Notes together. With the Words to be Defined in the Definitions Bank, I had him write the words & definition in a notebook. Sometimes with the comprehension questions, I had him write them but other times we did this orally and we did pick and choose. The ones I didn't have him do we discussed using the Teacher Guide for the answers.

Socratic discussion questions we verbally discussed as is mentioned in the guide. All my boys are anti writing (sigh) but they do need to learn how to write well so the essays were a challenge. This is one reason why we had to slow things down. I don't plan for him to write an essay for every Act.

I had hoped that we would finish Henry V by the time the review period ended but because it was difficult going for us we only are halfway. We had to reread a lot and find ways to make Shakespeare come alive a little more. Maybe we should have started with Beowulf.

Even though Henrey V was difficult for us ~I really do like how Memoria Press had everything laid out in the teacher guides.  I would have loved if there were some sample essays but all in all Memoria Press is a very thorough program.

I believe marking and annotating books helps with understanding and engaging with the text so I was happy that Memoria Press encourages marking/writing in the books.

It really is a grab-and-go style if you are a busy mom and/or do some car-schooling you won't be bogged down with a huge teacher manual and heavy books.

For our family though, the 9th Grade Literature Study Guide course was not a good fit. I may continue with the study guides but add a little more engagement by the way of audiobooks, watching the plays, and maybe even a few picture books so the boys can see how people dressed back then.

I could definitely see my daughter using this program with great success but she also was more disciplined in her studies.

The Homeschool Review Crew reviewed other Study Guides so be sure to click on the graphic below!

First to Tenth Grade Literature Guides {Memoria Press Reviews}
Crew Disclaimer

Beacon Book Box ~July Unboxing!

My sister MaryEllen introduced me to Beacon Book Box a monthly Young Adult (YA) subscription book box! The Founder of Beacon Book Box is Cameron a 14-year-old entrepreneur (he actually just turned 16 last month, Happy Birthday Cam!).


It cost $29.99 + shipping for a new release YA book and bookish goodies! Each month the bookish goodies quotes and items are around a theme and fandoms.

Here is an example from the latest box!

~ The Book! The Beckoning Shadow
~ Dr. Who Socks (so cute!)
~  Exclusive Outlander Cooler (will be using this on my Mother/Daughter weekend!)
~  Everless inspired Homemade Soap (already used it up!)
~  Exclusive Game of Thrones Slippers (using those already)
~  Exclusive Recipe Card with Narnia themed artwork!
~  ExclusiveCustome and exclusive to Beacon Book Box the Lunar Chronicles dust jacket!
~From Mama Beacon a gift, yes another exclusive (we didn't pay for it it was included as a gift) an Outlander portrait card of Jamie Fraiser (um, I had to google the name but even though I didn't know who he was I thought it was super sweet of Mama Beacon to give us a gift, thank you!!!)

Wow, that's a lot of loot from the Beacon Book Box! They are very generous. To tell you the truth I'm not sure how they make money with all the spoiling they do.

Every other month Beacon includes a book sleeve. I think it's the odd months that they will include the book sleeves. It was every month (for eight months).

What I love about this company is the whole family is involved. It's Cameron's company but everyone pitches in, mom, dad, and sister.


I must admit, I'm new to the whole YA fantasy type books so many times I'm not familiar with the fandoms and such. I'm learning though. I plan to start reading the Lunar ChroniclesCaraval, and read the first book from the series Stalking Jack the Ripper (yeah, that's a new genre for me).

I loved the soap, actually, my whole family loved it.

#lunarchronicles #beaconbookbox

Isn't the artwork gorgeous? I haven't read the books so I don't know who the characters are but soon I will, as I hope to read one next month (add it to my Sept. TBR list).


Below is my July unboxing. I was so excited to get the box (really needed those slippers) and it happened to come on the day that my hair was super frizzy and I was gone most of the day. Yup, tired mama BUT I didn't want to just stare at the box waiting until the next day to do the unboxing. So yes, I recorded on a bad hair day, eeks!

To see past boxes you can watch my Beacon Book Box playlist. Again, I must admit I'm not the best unboxing but hopefully will get better as I learn the fandoms and read more of YA books.

Homeschooling6, Books, and Coffee!

When I first started this blog I was homeschooling six little ones. Now I only have three, can you believe that?!?!

My kiddos have grown up and I no longer have daily pictures of them doing school at home. Because my remaining homeschooling kids don't like me taking pics all the time I feel like I don't have much to blog about.


Lately I've been blogging about mama more than homeschooling 6 ~ so I made a hard decision to change my name to: Homeschooling6, Books, and Coffee. I haven't changed my domain name or the blogger actual name. I have so many links going to www.homeschooling6.com that if I change my domain they won't follow to the new one. I've done many reviews and I want them to be active under Homeschooling6 still.

I did change my Facebook Page and will eventually change my YouTube Channel ~once I can figure out how to change my YT name.

I thought Homeschooling6, Books, and Coffee reflect more about what I blog about. I hope to get a new banner up but not sure when. Technically my blog is still Homeschooling6.

What do you think of the name change?


Speaking of coffee, I joined a monthly coffee club: Atlas Coffee Club ~ join using my referral link and we both get $10 off our next shipment! What I love about Atlas is they send information about where it came from. You get a mini geography lesson too!