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Beacon Book Box ~July Unboxing!

My sister MaryEllen introduced me to Beacon Book Box a monthly Young Adult (YA) subscription book box! The Founder of Beacon Book Box is Cameron a 14-year-old entrepreneur (he actually just turned 16 last month, Happy Birthday Cam!).


It cost $29.99 + shipping for a new release YA book and bookish goodies! Each month the bookish goodies quotes and items are around a theme and fandoms.

Here is an example from the latest box!

~ The Book! The Beckoning Shadow
~ Dr. Who Socks (so cute!)
~  Exclusive Outlander Cooler (will be using this on my Mother/Daughter weekend!)
~  Everless inspired Homemade Soap (already used it up!)
~  Exclusive Game of Thrones Slippers (using those already)
~  Exclusive Recipe Card with Narnia themed artwork!
~  ExclusiveCustome and exclusive to Beacon Book Box the Lunar Chronicles dust jacket!
~From Mama Beacon a gift, yes another exclusive (we didn't pay for it it was included as a gift) an Outlander portrait card of Jamie Fraiser (um, I had to google the name but even though I didn't know who he was I thought it was super sweet of Mama Beacon to give us a gift, thank you!!!)

Wow, that's a lot of loot from the Beacon Book Box! They are very generous. To tell you the truth I'm not sure how they make money with all the spoiling they do.

Every other month Beacon includes a book sleeve. I think it's the odd months that they will include the book sleeves. It was every month (for eight months).

What I love about this company is the whole family is involved. It's Cameron's company but everyone pitches in, mom, dad, and sister.


I must admit, I'm new to the whole YA fantasy type books so many times I'm not familiar with the fandoms and such. I'm learning though. I plan to start reading the Lunar ChroniclesCaraval, and read the first book from the series Stalking Jack the Ripper (yeah, that's a new genre for me).

I loved the soap, actually, my whole family loved it.

#lunarchronicles #beaconbookbox

Isn't the artwork gorgeous? I haven't read the books so I don't know who the characters are but soon I will, as I hope to read one next month (add it to my Sept. TBR list).


Below is my July unboxing. I was so excited to get the box (really needed those slippers) and it happened to come on the day that my hair was super frizzy and I was gone most of the day. Yup, tired mama BUT I didn't want to just stare at the box waiting until the next day to do the unboxing. So yes, I recorded on a bad hair day, eeks!

To see past boxes you can watch my Beacon Book Box playlist. Again, I must admit I'm not the best unboxing but hopefully will get better as I learn the fandoms and read more of YA books.

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