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Easy Grammar Plus ~ A Review

This coming homeschool year I was thinking about purchasing Easy Grammar Systems for my two youngest. They are now in high school and I feel they need a refresher. One of my boys hasn't had much grammar so I thought to myself, "I need something that can be done daily, doesn't take hours for my son to figure out, and it has to be thorough." That's when I got to thinking about Easy Grammar.

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Easy Grammar Plus kinda fell in my lap! I was one of the chosen (ha, sounds funny) to review it via the Homeschool Review Crew! I received Easy Grammar Plus Teacher Editions (all 663 pages!).

Why is the book over 600 pages? This is because it has the student pages and the answer key.

Easy Grammar Plus is typically used for 7th grade but is a non-grade level meaning it can be used through high school (and even college or mom can use it too!) This is what I LOVE about Easy Grammar Plus, there is no grade on it, no number, so if you have a high schooler using it, you don't have to put a big ole sticker on the number (win-win)!

Easy Grammar Plus is written at a fourth-grade level, this is done on purpose so your student can concentrate and focus on the grammar and not hard words. I love that about the program, your child doesn't have to "think" about the words mean or have overly complicated sentences that will take their attention away from grammar.

Easy Grammar Plus has the student memorize prepositions. Wanda C. Phillips has found that 99% of the time the prepositional phrase doesn't have anything "important" in it like the subject, verb, direct object, predicate nominative, or anything important as Wanda Phillips states.

Here is a sentence that Wanda Phillips uses. Once the students know their prepositions and understand that a prepositional phrase ends in a noun or pronouns they can cross them out as shown below. Notice how easy it is to find the subject and the verb now that all the prepositional phrases are crossed out.

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house, we go.

Easy Grammar Plus teaches more than crossing out prepositional phrases and finding the subject & verbs. Your student will learn about:
  • Predicate Nominatives, Predicate Adjectives
  • Verb Tenses: present, past, future, perfect, progressive
  • Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
  • Noun Determiners
  • Gerunds
  • All about Adjectived
  • All about Adverbs
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • and Letters
Before starting Easy Grammar Plus there is a preassessment test. It is eight pages long. Once it's corrected it's suggested that you not show the student, store it, and at the end of the program have the student take the post-assessment. This is to show the student how much they learned.

I like how Easy Grammar Plus does not confuse the students. For instance on page 41 which is still at the beginning of the program (I think it's day 26 with using the actual workbook). The student will learn about adverbs but you are not telling them that the word 'in' (preposition) is then an adverb (please see photo below)

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It shows that the word 'in' cannot be a preposition because there is no noun or pronoun following it. You don't have to use the word Adverb yet, just let him learn that it's not a preposition (still with the familiar) and later in the program Adverbs will be taught.

Throughout the program, your child will have reviews and test. At the end of each unit, if you are finding that your child is not mastering (you'll know with the testing both unit and cumulative) then do not proceed to the next unit. Go over the parts that your child has not mastered before moving on.

I used this with my 15yr. old son Lance and it has worked out really well for us. I started by having him take the pre-assessment. I actually took it out of the book so he did not see the results as suggested by Wanda. We took three days on the pre-assessment.

With the Easy Grammar Plus Teacher Edition, you can either copy the student pages or have your student write in the book. I chose to have Lance write right in the book. For me, copying each page (which would be close to 300 is a lot and made more sense to write in the book).

At first, I was going to have him memorize all the prepositions before starting the book. Easy Grammar does have BINGO templates to be copied making it a game to learn the prepositions.

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But because my son is on the older side we skipped the memorizing the whole list. Instead, I tore the Prepositions page out and used that to cover the answer key page on the left so he had it with him for each lesson.

I figure it's like have the times tables answers available when doing math. Instead, he has the prepositions available. I also had him read over the list a few times a week and on Fridays, I'd have him write as many prepositions that he could remember on the more blankish pages in the book.

This really worked out great for us as he was learning them along the way and I found that he was spotting them without having to reference the preposition page. This may be because he's older and/or once he understood what a preposition was he naturally spotted them.

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One more thing that might have helped was I told him, "Think of a house with prepositions around it" and say, "to the house, in the house, around the house, etc." and that seemed to help. It's how I learned them in school and still remember seeing the handmade poster my teacher had hanging above the chalkboard.

The first few lessons I sat with Lance through most of it and we did the lessons together. I would put the lines through the prepositional phrases, underline the subject once, and verb twice. Then once we got halfway through the page I had him do the "work", ~toward the end I let him do the rest on his own.

Once he got the feel for it ~I'd go over the concept, do a few of the sentences with him, then let him do the rest. Later I would correct his work and the next day we'd go over what he missed.

To help him remember that a prepositional phrase ended with a noun or pronoun, I'd write it on the top of his paper.

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I'd do this with each new concept.

#easygrammar #easygrmmarplus #easygrammarreview

Easy Grammar is working out for Lance and he will continue using it. As he continues through the program I am sure he will do more and more on his own but because he doesn't have a lot of grammar under his belt and because I need a refresher I am sitting with him for part of the lesson.

Speaking of a refresher, Easy Grammar does have a program for moms (which I have but it got lost in the move 😞)

In fact, I purchased the Student Workbook for another son who will start Easy Grammar Plus as well.

 Have you used Easy Grammar System? Let me know in the comments!

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