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Memoria Press Ninth Grade Literature Guide Set ~Review

If you've been homeschooling for a few years, you've most likely have heard of Memoria Press. It's well known for its Classical Christian education teaching. Their Latin course is very popular among the homeschooling communities.

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I received the Ninth Grade Literature Guide Set which focuses on Old English and Medieval Works ~ I have to admit was a challenge for my boys. We started with the Henry V Set.

We received the Teacher Guides and Student Workbooks (the reading books were not provided):
Memoria Press recommends certain editions of books, so not just any edition will work because the pages assigned won't line up with the book pages. For example, with Henry V the FOLGER Shakespeare Library edition the student is to copy the family lineage diagram. There are other pages assigned like xiii-xiv, information that won't be found in another copy.

The Study Guide can be used with students in grades 8-12. If using it with 8th or 9th your child may need more guidance and/or adapting the program. Memoria Press states that the guides were written comprehensively so if you need to assign fewer vocabulary words, questions, etc. that is fine as they would rather you need to do less than wishing there was more.


In this set includes the Teacher Guides and Student Workbooks for~  Canturberry Tales, Beawolf, Sir Girwin and the Green Night, and Henry V. Henry V and Beawolf Student Workbooks are smaller and you will need a separate notebook to complete the assignments.

The Canterbury Tales and Sir Gawain & the Green Night Workbooks are consumable and are intended for the student to write in the workbooks. Now looking back I think it would have been a good idea if we would have started with one of those instead of Henry V as my boys struggled with Henry V. Not sure if it would have made a difference but it's a thought to consider.

What I really appreciate is the Teacher Guide has the exact same pages as the Student Workbook so if you are working with your child you both have all the vocabulary words, discussion questions, definition bank, and so forth. This makes things so much easier because you don't have to purchase two Student Workbooks (as I've done in the past for convenience with some publishers).

The study guides move through a four-stage method. This is really nice because the student knows what to expect throughout the course.

The Four Stages are:

Stage 1: Pre-Grammar/Preparation ~ this stage prepares the student to understand the Central One Idea. The Study Guide will ask 2-3 questions to get the student thinking in a certain direction. This question may be of something related to the Central One Idea or about the basic plot or subject.

Stage 2: Grammar/Presentation ~ in this stage the student is presented with the basic grammatical units; facts, elements, features, and ideas. The student encounters use facts in the Reading Notes and learns new vocabulary words.

Stage 3: Logic/Dialectic ~ the student begins to uncover the can figure out the Central One Idea. The discussion questions in this section is meant to be verbal but you may also assign some of the questions in written form as well. We did this verbally.

Stage 4: Rhetoric/Expression ~ The final stage is where the student describes what their interpretation of the Central One Idea. This is done by having the student summarize, write the Central One Idea, support it, write a lead that grabs the reader's attention. The student will write an essay to express the Centra One Idea.

The Ninth Grade Literature also teaches how to mark a book, yup, you read correctly! Mark that book up with underlining, write notes and ask questions. Memoria Press uses the "Mortimer Adler "method" from How to Read a Book.

Brent and I worked through Henry V together. I will admit we were not looking forward to reading Shakespear because for us it's a hard read (I know, I know). With that said, I do believe studying Shakespear is beneficial for my kiddos. It is said that if we can read Shakespeare we can handle reading almost anything and understand complex documents (like all the legal, fine, print type of stuff).

We read through the Reading Notes together. With the Words to be Defined in the Definitions Bank, I had him write the words & definition in a notebook. Sometimes with the comprehension questions, I had him write them but other times we did this orally and we did pick and choose. The ones I didn't have him do we discussed using the Teacher Guide for the answers.

Socratic discussion questions we verbally discussed as is mentioned in the guide. All my boys are anti writing (sigh) but they do need to learn how to write well so the essays were a challenge. This is one reason why we had to slow things down. I don't plan for him to write an essay for every Act.

I had hoped that we would finish Henry V by the time the review period ended but because it was difficult going for us we only are halfway. We had to reread a lot and find ways to make Shakespeare come alive a little more. Maybe we should have started with Beowulf.

Even though Henrey V was difficult for us ~I really do like how Memoria Press had everything laid out in the teacher guides.  I would have loved if there were some sample essays but all in all Memoria Press is a very thorough program.

I believe marking and annotating books helps with understanding and engaging with the text so I was happy that Memoria Press encourages marking/writing in the books.

It really is a grab-and-go style if you are a busy mom and/or do some car-schooling you won't be bogged down with a huge teacher manual and heavy books.

For our family though, the 9th Grade Literature Study Guide course was not a good fit. I may continue with the study guides but add a little more engagement by the way of audiobooks, watching the plays, and maybe even a few picture books so the boys can see how people dressed back then.

I could definitely see my daughter using this program with great success but she also was more disciplined in her studies.

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