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Once Upon a Book Club for August

Once Upon a Book Club is one of my favorite monthly book boxes!


This months book was The Turn of the Key ~ a thriller suspense type of book. It wasn't too spooky which I'm glad about.

It's about a young lady named Rowan. She applies for a nanny job that pays a lot of money. Way more than a nanny salary. The catch is the old house is "haunted" but there is no spooky demon type stuff.

My only dislike of the book is the four-letter "f" word is used at least once every other page and instead of saying "Oh, my goodness" or "Oh my word" they use God's name. 


The gifts are high quality and things I'll use with the exception of the neckless. I don't know what I'm going to do with a necklace that has an R on it. I would have liked it to be something that all the Once Upon A Book Club subscribers could use. Maybe like a heart, a fake pearl, just something different. What am I going to do with a big R, 🤣


I mean, look at the size of the R. It's beautiful but just not something I will keep (sigh).


The note was the first gift to open and it had the pink cable thing that you can use for multiple devices. I really liked that. It's pretty.


Can you guess what's in this box? With Once Upon a Book Club, the gifts correlate with the story. On page 213 a flower and a mug where mentioned.


And the quote, "Kindness is as kindness does" is from the book. Do you all hear Forest Gump, that's what it reminded me of 😂

There was also a letter as one of the gifts from a character in the book.

So what exactly is Once Upon a Book Club? It's a monthly subscription box that brings your reading experience of the book to life! How, by adding little post-it notes in the book on a certain page that tells you when to open your gift. The gift has to do with something in the book. 

For instance, with the mug and purple flower, there was a scene where Rowan the nanny picked up a flower and placed it in a mug. That is where the post-it not that had written you can open your gift.

It's a pretty neat subscription box. The box that everything comes in is so gorgeous!

The books are new releases. There are two books to choose from, young adult and adult. You don't know what the book is until you open the box. On the Once Upon a Book Club website, they do give you a summary of what the book is about so you do have time to skip that month if you think you won't like the book.

Watch my unboxing! Use my referral code to get $5 off your first box! 

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