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Owlcrate Unboxing for July

Hey, homeschooling mamas, hope all is well. Here in Texas, oh my, it's been so hot. We are in the triple digits!!!

I'm a little late with my unboxing. This one was the July box for Owlcrate. I loved, loved, the bookish goodies in this box.

#owlcrate #spinthedawn

Owlcrate is a monthly young adult (YA) book box. Every month's book is a new release! How fun is that. I've not been into new releases but its been fun and I'm really enjoying the new genres ~ I've not delved into YA fantasy and/or mystery type books.

To me, it seems like most the books are geared toward girls. I think there are not many guy authors writing these types of books right now. It would be nice to have some strong male leads (yup, mom of 5 boys here).

Right now it's only me reading the books but I must admit I do get the boxes for me 🙈

#spinthedawnbook #owlcrate

Spin the Dwan by Elizabeth Lim kinda like Mulan meets project runway, at least that's what everyone is saying (including the author) or maybe they said fashion runway, well anyway, you get the idea 😉 Isn't the cover gorgeous.

Owlcrate's books always come with an exclusive cover. The original cover has the font in silver, I must say, I do prefer the gold that Owlcrate's books have. So pretty!

#owlcrateharrypottermug #harrypottermug

My favorite item in the box was, of course, the mug! It's so pretty! Totally love the size. I think the handle could be a little bigger but I am loving it. This is a third in a series of seven. Since I'm new to Owlcrate I've missed the first two. Owlcrate did bring the previous two mugs back as a preorder but I didn't get them 😱

#darkershadeofmagic #owlcrate

Deck of cards inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic. I have no clue who the characters are. Like I've mentioned, I'm new to these types of books. They are pretty though. The art is amazing!


Isn't the pin pretty? It even has glitter. Each month Owlcrate works with an artist to create a one of a kind pin that is inspired by the book. This one has a pair of scissors, a moon, a sun, and a piece of cloth.

#owlcrate #owlcrateunboxing #spinthedawn

A quote inspired byThe Night Circus, again, I am not familiar with this book. The puzzle that is in the blue Owlcrate bag from the quote card. I don't want to lose this card because it will help me put the puzzle together.

There were a few more items as well. I really liked this box. Are you an Owlcrate subscriber?

They also have Owlcrate Jr. I'm tempted to skip a young adult box so I can try the elementary age box!

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