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Annette Turns 20!

Wow, wow, wow, my baby girl is no longer in her teens!

Tuesday Annette and I spend the day together. Her birthday was on Monday but we had our mom/daughter birthday-day on Tuesday. 

We had to work on Monday.

We ended our day at one of Annette's favorite coffee shops ~ Buon Giorno Coffee.

I didn't get pics of our day but is started off with running some errands for the business. We had lunch at our favorite salad place; Salata Salad Bar.

Then finished our errands of dropping things off at the business and then stopping at the coffee shop. Okay, now that I wrote out our day, it doesn't sound like much but we were literally out all day, haha.

Even though we had to run some work errands it was fun just hanging out with my daughter.