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BetterRhetor ~ College-Ready Writing Essentials™ a Homeschool Review Crew

My 19-year-old daughter was blessed to use College-Ready Writing Essentials™ course from BetterRhetor that we got from the Homeschool Review Crew!

What we received: College-Ready Writing Essentials™ ~ Full Package Course.

The skills learned from this writing course will apply across curriculum it will help with writing history papers, science, composition, English, and so forth.

College-Ready Writing Essentials™ Course uses proven instructional practices and teaches strategies, skills, and concepts based on years of research and evidence that are most essential for college writing.
BetterRhetor includes 25 lessons that walk your child through each step. The program includes worksheets that they can download and print or use the enable editing to type their answers.

Annette loved that models and examples were included. These were very helpful.


As your student works through the program they can see how much they progressed, which lessons they completed and still need to do.

After the student reads through the lesson, example, and model, at the bottom of the lesson there is a link to the downloadable worksheet(s). There is usually one or two. Some lessons may have more.

This course teaches your student how to create a well researched, evidenced-based argument, persuasive essay. 

This course is more content-based teaching than teaching the mechanics of writing. Your student should know how to write sentences and paragraph and know the basics of putting their thoughts together on paper.

The end goal is to write a research-supported persuasive essay ~ three to five pages, 800-1200 words, which sites three credible sources.

Lessons included:
Lesson 1 ~ Overview
Lessons 2-11 Planning
Lessons 12-19 Drafting
Lessons 20-24 Revising
Lessons 24-25 Finalizing
Bonus Resources ~ Guide to Culture of College Academic and Key Terms

My daughter really enjoyed this writing course. It challenged her and she had many discussions with her dad about the topic she chose.

Her goal was to get three lessons done a week. Some of the lessons had more than one activity sheet and others required her to take more than a day to complete. 

"Base an argument on fact instead of opinions or feelings, the reason is you have a standard. With feeling, you have no standard" ~ something Annette told me while working through the course. She'd come up to me and tell me things she's learning which I thought was neat that she was excited to tell me.

College-Ready Writing Essentials Worksheet

One thing that was a little difficult for her was she learned how to write with the five-paragraph format with writing an essay, I believe that's what it's called, where she would have the introduction, body, and conclusion. It was hard for her to pull away from that but she did say that this course guided her in what they wanted via instruction, asking questions, and giving examples.

Overall BetterRhetor ~ College- Ready Writing Essentials Course was a winner because it's preparing her for college-level writing, it's helping her understand what college-level writing is.

My daughter picked a tough topic to write about too~ her topic: The Minimum Wage Debate but she's working through it with the step-by-step instructions using BetterRhetor.

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