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City Creek Press Inc ~ Review

My 15-year-old son knows most of his multiplication but there are a few of the bigger ones that he just can't seem to get memorized. When City Creek Press Inc. offered the Homeschool Review Crew to review the Online Times Alive and the Times Alive App I jumped at the chance to try it out with my son!

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We received a six-month subscription of the Online Times Alive. When you sign up you are billed monthly and can cancel at any time.

Here are a few screenshots from the Times Alive App!

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Times Alive Online uses animation and stories to help your child learn their multiplications from O's to 9's through stories, songs, test, and fun activities all in a fun way.

Your child will first take a pre-test (at the end of the program there will be a post-test). After the pre-test, you will know which facts your child is having trouble with.

Learning through story and song. Your child will listen (and read along if he/she likes) with the story. After they hear the story they will move on to the song.

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With 8x8=64 if they can remember 8x8 is sticky four they got it! ←(it really sticks are four but I liked "sticky four) The story and songs will help them the child remember along with the visual of seeing the sign in the picture!

After the story and song, your child will be asked if they remember the picture story and then without the pictures.

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Other activities to help your child remember is dragging the story to the box. The program will read everything to the child so your child can read along as well. This is what I love about the program. If you have a struggling reader they will hear everything -they don't have to stress about knowing the words so it's not overwhelming.

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Below is a screenshot of one of the test. You can print the test out if you feel your child will need to practice before the test is taken. You can also print it out if your child missed more than a few to practice them.

What I love about the Online version (they also have the Times Tables the Fun Way physical products!):
  • Keeps track of the student's progress: dates the lesson is completed, scores, & quizzes!
  • Students can stop and resume without losing their place ~ I love programs that allow students to stop in the middle of something and it saves the work.
  • It engages the child. This is great for children who struggle with reading or don't like to read.
  • Pre & Post-test - a great way for your child to see how he/she improved!

For those of you with younger kiddos and idea to help your child ~ have the child draw a comic strip of the story or just the scene. You can even make a book of the stories once done.

Lance used the App and the online version for the purpose of this review. The App was a lot easier for him because he could use it on his phone anywhere/anytime. When using the online version (which is what I prefer) he would have to borrow my computer.

If using Times Alive five years ago the online version would have worked best for us so it's really what works for you all with either the App or online. For me myself I like the online, for the kiddos, the App.

My son Lance used this three to four times a week and is finally memorizing the multiplication tables that have been hard for him like 8x8 and 9x7.

He's not too fond of the animation but I think it's because he's older and has played games on his Xbox that aren't so "cartoony"

One tip! Remember the name you use to log in otherwise you will have to start from the beginning again if you forget (um, yeah, ask me how I know, 😄)

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