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End of the Week Check-In (House Talk)

I am still adjusting to living in an 850sft house. The couches have piles of stuff, there are boxes piled in one corner, and we don't have a dinner table that will fit us all. The kitchen is so small.

I was hoping by now that I'd be able to share pictures but I'm too embarrassed with all the clutter. We have been living here since 12/18 so about 10 months.

There are some major updates I'd like to do. Here is a list:

  • New kitchen counter (yup! we only have one 🤣) actually a new kitchen corner would be nice as the sink is the original one and it's pretty gross. I can clean and scrub it but it still looks dirty.
  • Kitchen and hallway floor ~ the laminate floor is at least 10 years old and looks pretty ugly as well.
  • New bathtub/shower ~ like the sink, the bathtub needs to be replaced.
  • New windows ~ at least three windows don't open because they are so old. The other windows have been replaced though.
  • New roof 
  • Outside needs to be painted
  • Add a door so we can access the big backyard without having to go around from the front.
  • Boys bedroom ~ walls can be redone.
  • Add central air and heat.

Some smaller, not major projects I'd like to see done:
  • Two windows need screens
  • Add more shelves
  • Screen door for the front to let in fresh air and more light.
I think that's it for the small list of things. I can't think right now as I have a headache. I just took some Advil.

With school, it's been crazy. Some of my homechooling things got lost in the move. We had to put a lot of stuff in storage (I also got rid of tons of stuff ~ like 40 boxes of books!).

I was hoping to be the mom who minimalized her stuff and had an uncluttered small house but it hasn't happened yet.

I need to clean the house and add a few pictures. For the past few years (like 4-5yrs.) I've had problems with uploading pics to my laptop or desktop computers from my phone. They never want to connect with each other. It makes it hard to add pics to my blog post because it's time consuming.

I have to upload them to Facebook, then download them to my computer before adding the.


  1. Oh, I can relate to an ever growing list of house needs. ((hugs)) and I know that you can make your home space beautiful and usable to fit your needs.

    1. Thank you~ there still so much clutter but I am working on it.