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Mom and Daughter Weekend

Life has been crazy stressful lately so it was really nice when my daughter suggested a weekend getaway! She booked a hotel for just the two of us. We counted down the days!

The hotel that we stayed at had this phone and it looked haunted. Like if it rang and you picked it up, your whole life would change, bwahaha

It was in the hallway where you wait for the elevator!

Of course, we had lots of coffee! And look a paper straw. That straw was messed up. I had to turn it upside down because air was getting through the top.

I stayed low glycemic.

Annette and my sister MaryEllen found this salad place years ago when they had Aunt and Niece weekend! It was so good. The salads are a bit pricey but worth it. We paid $12 a salad.

On our way to a coffee shop, we passed this old mailbox. I told Annette when I was younger we use to drop our mail-in these at the corner (actually it was a few blocks away in front of a police station).

Annette really liked this coffee shop. I liked that they served coffee in 'real' mugs. At least they did mine. I ordered an Americano. Annette had a frappe so hers was served in plastic.

Saturday night we ate at a pizza place that is famous for the deep dish pizzas, so I had to have one, hehe. Didn't stick to low my low glycemic lifestyle that night.

The aftermath of my pizza. It was good but I didn't really care for the crust.

Loved how the crosswalks had these countdown lights so you knew if you could make it across the street or should wait for next time.

Loved the pretty clocks.

We bought some chocolate at the Chocolate Factory as a treat for later. I got a sugar free salted caramel one. It was so good.

No coke for me! I splurged and bought a Root Beer with probiotics!

Sunday for lunch we went back for a salad.

We had a wonderful weekend. We hope to do this again in six months or so.

I love that my daughter enjoys spending time with her mama. It was a special weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely little mother-daughter time! That telephone looks vintage"y" to me :)