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Small House Talk ~ Kitchen

Hi, Friends, last week I did a post about some of the things I'd love, love, to have done to the small house we are currently renting.

This week I thought I'd talk about our move (which happened in 11/18 abouts) and the kitchen.

I probably should just write a separate post about our move but the short of it is went from a 2600sft house to 800sft house. I must say that I'd been interested in downsizing but also enjoyed having a bigger house. 

I would have loved to downsize in our own timing so we could make our little home ours. But life happened and we downsized into a rental that is not ours so we can't do anything to make it ours if you know what I mean. Because we were forced to downsize. We had a financial turn of events where we could no longer afford our house.

In this post, I wanted to share just a little bit of our kitchen. I want to do a full kitchen post soon and eventually do a video but for today I just wanted to share a few things.

I am humbly showing you what our kitchen looks like most days 🙈 lived in with six kiddos (ages 15-21).

We don't have enough room for a proper dinner table so we all eat where-ever which is not what I want so I'm still on the hunt for something that will work for us. But with that said, up until a few months ago, we had an old card table. It was unstable so I'm thankful for the vintage table I found.

I do want to get a nicer tablecloth but that's one that I had. We have one countertop which I call the kitchen wedge (more about that space in another post).

My kitchen is a total work in progress so I'll be sharing updates as we go.

Yesterday I added a few things to the kitchen to help save on space. We have only two drawers. Yup two and they are the original homemade ones from 1959 I believe (again, more on that later. Wait till you see the original sink, would have loved if it was a farmhouse one 🤣).

#smallhouse #smallhousetalk

I bought these little organizer hangy things on Amazon. It's a set of two. I hung one in my bedroom and another in the kitchen. I love the bright yellow. It puts a little sunshine in my kitchen.

Right now I have my salad chopper, collapsable food storage containers, and coffee filters in the pockets but it may change. The collapsible colander I may move that but it works for now.

On the opposite of where I hung the hangy bright yellow things is the fridge. I'm using as much of it as I can. I bought a mesh pencil caddy for our forks, spoons, and small items, I had a pencil holder that I now use for the measuring spoons, and I bought a magazine holder to put magazines in but it was so cheap and smaller than I thought ~ so I am using it for my larger spoons, spatulas, and so forth.

I thought it was pretty cheap but at the same time, it has a big magnet on the back which is great for holding the items I needed it to hold. 

The pencil cady has some good magnets but because I'm using it to hold utensils (only spoons and forks), I put a few magnets under it so it doesn't slide down.

I want to eventually get a magnet strip to hold knives, the scissors, and tongs but for now, those round magnets are working.

I found a post that I wrote back in March. You can see the card table and we use to have the dog kennel thing in the kitchen. I'm so glad we moved it to the living room.

Do you live in a small house?


  1. This post reminds me of when I had to move away from home into a tiny apartment. It was a blessing in some ways and a deep struggle in others. I loved the ease of not having things but I dearly missed the space that I needed. ((hugs)) and I keep looking at your photos and feel cozy wrapping up in a small space surrounded by the love of family. I hope that you will find comfort and cozy and love your creative ideas!

    1. Hi, Friend, I remember when you had to move into the apartment. We were actually looking for a three bedroom apartment but the ones I found all had negative reviews.
      I'm thankful for our small house.

      Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.