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Creating A Masterpiece Review!

Art, this is a class that has been a challenge in our homeschool. My older two did fine with using books for our art courses. My four younger kiddos, well, they are more visual and need a "teacher" to show the steps.

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Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece fits that bill! 

The Homeschool Review Crew received a one-year subscription to the Drawing Program which includes Beginners to Level 3. Creative Masterpiece has been very generous to us!

Sharon Hofer teaches students (and adults) how to draw beyond stick figures (like way beyond) ~ it's amazing! The lesson videos are short, so one lesson may have four videos which really keeps the program from being overwhelming to the student. 

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The lessons are all on the Creating a Masterpiece site so you don't have to download them and no disc to lose! I use to be one that preferred having disc but after homeschooling for 20 years and seeing that no matter how careful we are the disc either gets lost or scratched so I'm really liking modern technology where the course is online. 

The Beginning Drawing Course has eight lessons, Drawing Level 1 has seven, Level 2 has six, and Level 3 has eight. The videos for each lesson varies as you can see in the graphic below. One lesson may have four videos while another seven.

Ms. Sharon Hofer does a great job of explaining each step. I and my kiddos found it easy to follow the lessons. 

The first time we did a lesson we followed along but realized that sometimes she gave us more instruction or said something toward the end of the video that was helpful. After the first lesson, we decided that it was better to watch the video first then replay and draw along with her during the replay.

We paused the video often too. Because we all needed to pause the video at different times we decided to watch the videos on our own. Meaning we didn't all sit and have art class together. 

One son would complete a lesson at night in his room while another during the day in the kitchen.

The Drawing Program is not only great for kiddos and teens but adults too. I found that I really enjoyed the courses as well. Ms. Sharon teaches in a way that all feel welcome in "her class".

After completing a few lessons, some of us would go back and redo the lesson. As we continue with the program I think we'll continue to redo some of them.

We tried to keep one lesson within one week. Sometimes we'd do a lesson over two weeks. This is with doing art twice a week. My kiddos are older ages 15-18 so younger kiddos may need more time.

It is recommended to use good quality supplies and the course does provide a link to Blick art supplies. You don't have to purchase from Blick but I found that some of the items were much easier to order ~ like the single Prism pencils. Since I was buying those I added a few other items to my cart. You could easily find many of the supplies at your local hobby and art supply store though.

If you are looking for an art course for your high schoolers (or elementary students) I would encourage you to look into Creating A Masterpiece. Check out their sample page ~ the sample is not from the same course that I reviewed but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

I highly recommend Creating A Masterpiece!

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