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I Want Fall Weather!

When September came around I was really hoping for some cooler weather. News Alert ~ it's still hot here.

In fact, for the month of September (which is supposed to be cooler by now), TX is having high temperatures that haven't happened since 2005. Normally by now it's cooling down some and we are needing to pull our long sleeve shirts and maybe a sweater.

I'm so tired of above 90* it's so hot and uncomfortable. Did I mention that the house we live in has no insulation, yup! It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter 😊 I'd rather have it cold though because then I can layer the clothes and grab some blankets. What about you? If you had a choice between the summer heat or winter cold which would it be?


What is a girl to do when it's so hot, oh, it's time to read The Borden Murder 😱 What do you think, did Lizzie Borden murder her father and step-mother?


  1. I hope that you get some cooler temperatures real soon!

    1. Thank you ~ yesterday it was in the 60s and the high was 90 🤗