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My New Job! In the Kitchen with Linda

Whew, it's been a busy couple of weeks but good weeks. Guess what's been keeping me busy? My new job ~ In the Kitchen with Linda! I'm starting a new adventure with becoming a Pampered Chef consultant. It's scary but I'm super excited.

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As many of you may know, I DO need to get a job. Doing affiliate links were okay in the past (I still am doing that) for some extra Linda book money but with the recent financial Homeschooling6 Family crises I REALLY need to work. Like, contribute to our income.

I have anxiety/shyness issues which make it hard for me to get out and do interviews. It terrifies me. I feel awful that my husband is working his weeks away while I'm home and am able to work but let the deer in headlights fright stop me.

I have tried selling Creative Memories and Mary Kay in the past and didn't do to well BUT I had to do in-home parties and with my super-duper shyness it, well, didn't go very well.

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With Pampered Chef I can do parties virtually via Facebook or catalog parties. My brain is spinning with ideas. I am still super nervous about having a virtual Facebook Part but at least I can hide behind a computer.

And I LOVE Pampered Chef and how its products help busy people (and not so busy people) to get back in the kitchen and create good meals instead of going through the drive-thru.

I love the quality of the items. For example, I just purchased the 10" Stainless Steel Skillet with a lid! It cost $145. In the past year and a half I have bought three cheaper ones for about $30 each because they end up getting scratched. In that time I have already spent $90. I finally had to stop the insanity and bought the one from Pampered Chef.

The PC one ~ you can use metal utensils. As long as you are not cutting your steaks in the pan you can use your metal spatula and other utensils! What was really great is I hosted a party and was able to get the pan at half off! Wahoo!

This is my first time having a really good skillet. I am looking forward to receiving the 8" non stick Fry Pan next week.

I am really excited about this new adventure, nervous, but excited.

Do you own any Pampered Chef products?

Let me know if you'd like to earn some PC products ~ book a party!

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  1. Have fun in this new journey and may you be abundantly blessed!