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Elephant Learning Math Academy {Review}

One subject with my kiddos that I really want them to master is math.   I am not a mathy person myself so I'm terrified to teach it. My husband is great at math but has been really busy putting in extra hours ar work.

When Elephant Learning Math Academy came up as one of the Homeschool Review Crew vendors I thought I'd give it a try. We received a 12-month subscription to Elephant Learning Math Academy. This program is geared toward ages 2-16. My kiddo that is using it is 15.

Elephant Learning Math covers counting through Algebra but not like high school Algebra 1 & 2. It is more suited for the older child who struggles with math and needs some help.

The program claims to raise your child's math skills by one year in three months using the program. The child needs to use the program three times a week at least 10 minutes a day (30 minutes per week).

The whole sign up process was easy. Once your child's account is set up they can pick an avatar (and they are so adorable!!!).

The assessment at the beginning of the program is great because the student really can't tell that they are being "tested" and the program just eases into the program. It really does streamline into the lessons.

You can also print worksheets for your child.

Here is a screenshot showing what has been completed and if the student passed or failed.

Elephant Learning (my kiddos and I shortened the name) goes beyond only playing online. I found out that Ethan never memorized his multiplication of 8x7 and 8x9 so Elephant Learning gave us a few ideas with how to practice his multiplication.

Here are some screenshots of the learning games. The one below shows where Lance is at.

The cute little guy pops up at the end (this is just one of many).

Our Thoughts:
While I really see the benefits of Elephant Learning Math my kids were not too crazy about it. They didn't care for the voices but you can turn the sound off and read it if necessary. Maybe because they were on the higher end of the age limit for this program (ages 15 and 16).

With one of my son's he did mention that the colors were too bright for him so I had to dim the computer screen for him a bit.

What I did like was seeing that they did understand math. They got a lot of the answers correct. What I didn't understand though was their elephant age was always younger than their real age ~even though there were getting most of the answers correct.

What I absolutely loved was the parent dashboard because you can see what your child has completed. My kiddos didn't want me to share their dashboard otherwise I'd have put a screenshot.

Final Thoughts! All-in-all I am very thankful that we were allowed to review Elephant Learning Math because there are a few gaps my boys have and now we can address them. It was great to see that my boys do understand math concepts. This is a part of homeschooling that I am nervous about.

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