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God's Mail {Review}

I was given the opportunity through the Homeschool Review Crew to review a book that is meant to encourage and is full of scripture and poems of comfort. If you follow my blog or social media you will know my family is going through a pretty hard time right now, so God's Mail Volume 3 came at a good time.

What I received was a physical softcover copy of God's Mail Volume 3 from God's Mail

Rod Hardin is the author of God's Mail: Volume 3 ~ he has been writing poems since 1983. His writings give encouragement, comfort, instruction, and correction (for example~ angels are not babies or loved ones who have passed on)

Ron is a believer who uses his gift of writing to help others walk through the difficult time which he himself has experienced.

Before coming to Christ Ron was a high school drop out, gang member, and abused alcohol and drugs. He was also in and out of jail!

At age 28 he started his own ministry and at about that time is when he started writing poems for the Lord. 

I love how the book is set up with Scripture on the left and the poem on the right.

Scripture is taken from different translations:
KJV = King James Version
NKJV = New King James Version
MSG = The Message Bible
TLB = Living Bible
GW = God's Word Translation
AMP = Amplified Bible
GNT = The Good News Bible

You could use God's Mail several ways: read for fifteen minutes a day and go through several of the pages (I mean page spreads, counting the scripture and poem as one). Or you can read a page a day, again meaning both pages in a sitting.

What I did was before bed I'd read God's Mail both the Scriptures and the poem. It was a great way to end the day because after a busy day of homeschooling, tending the home, and working part-time, it was a good thing to read God's Mail.

If you are a doodler, there is enough space on the pages to add cross-references, draw little squiggles, hearts, and flowers, and even write your own prayer or poem along the edges. I think gel pens would be nice for this.

Visit God's Mail website to see God's Mail Volume 1 and Volume 2 as well. 

From the Introduction of the book:
The book covers a lot of ground, dealing with common and sensitive issues from many different angles. At times it is pastoral, prophetic, evangelistic, philosophical, but most of all spiritually nourishing and just plain thought-provoking.

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