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Week 1 of the 30-Day Minimalism Game or Challenge

I am so excited to have started the 30 Day Minimalism Game/Challenge. I don't think I'll ever be a #minimalist as I love my Pampered Chef items, I love my Corningware collection, and there are some items that for now I don't want to get rid of. 
My PC, Corningware, and cards from my hubby, children, family, and friends still bring me joy. What I do want to accomplish is getting rid of the clutter, the containers, the baskets, I want to get rid of all dust bunnies, I want to be able to sweep and mop under my bed (because those dust bunnies are pretty gross!). 

I have been working on decluttering for 2 years now (although you probably can't tell 😆). I believe it's a journey and when you are ready to get rid of certain things that use to bring you joy it's the right time. For instance almost all the books in my Summer Mama Goals are gone 😱

Day 1 (6/22/20) of the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge was pretty easy. It was a container that I was saving because you never know when you will need it 😁 Although it was an easy item to get rid of it was a bit hard too. I have a container saving problem.

Day 2
Two books. I love books but I actually have two of the 21 Days of Faith and the Henderbell I will give to my sister MaryEllen. The postcard thing goes with the Henderbell so I am not counting it as an item.

Day 3
A homeschool phonogram chart that I had since Ethan was in 3rd grade 😱 I totally love that chart. It was from Saxon Language Arts. Item #2 is a book that my kids haven't read. My four oldest have either read the older version of Pilgrims Progress or listened to an audio book or watched the animation of it. 
The 3rd item iw a shirt that I bought at Walmart when I was in California in 2018. My Grandma was sick so I flew out to Cali, and stayed for a few months to be with her. 
The sleeves on the shirt although pretty was not very practical when I came home and had to do dishes daily. We don't have a dishwasher and I prefer to do the dishes. The sleeves kept getting wet plus they were itchy 😆

Day 4
I have way too many leggings so you all may see more of those go 😂 The Whisper Man was a good book but I don't see me reading it again. The Writing Road to Reading was a hard one to let go. I love that program and liked having an older edition of it but I won't be using it. The last item was a pretty box that I was saving just in case I needed it for a gift. It was from a Once Upon a Book Box. 


Day 5
An old tote and some black paper art pads. I had good intentions of using the art paper but I think after a year and them not being used I should let them find a new home.

Day 6
First item a pencil box. If I need one I can buy one. They are like a $1. Item #2 baby changing pad. I like to keep one on hand for babysitting but no babies around here anymore. Item #3 a rogue coaster. #4 a red bag that I have had for 10yrs and haven't used it. #4 First Aid kit I bought for the boys but they want me to hold onto it so in the goodbye box. #5 my coat. I really like it but it's black and every little lint or dog hair can be seen. I've had it for three or four years.


Day 7
I am a container saver. I think I'll need a container for some homemade cleaner. I have a hard time letting them go but all of these can be replaced really easy if I need something similar in the future. The Sta-Flo nobody is using so out it goes. The little Dollar Store organizer I have saved for a few years and it stays empty, so yup, it needs to go too. 


Total of 28 items gone!
Wow, I finished my first week. This week wasn't too hard but I can imagine the weeks ahead becoming more of a challenge. If I complete the challenge I will say goodbye to 465 items. Is that crazy or what?!?!

What have you donated, recycled, given away, or trashed lately?

I'm Back!!!

Its been so long with writing a blog post. Blogger has changed so much in that time (6 months 😱) that I didn't know where the "write-a-post" icon was 😂.

I haven't had much going on. We are still homeschooling. Two kiddos to go. Can you believe it 😲? I am still in shock.

I am hoping to get back to blogging. I want to blog some of Lance's school. He started IEW writing two weeks ago, and a new science course. Both from the Homeschool Review Crew. 

Today I started the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge and thought I would blog about it. It will keep me motivated.

By the time the challenge is done I will have given, donated, recycled, or trashed 465 items 😱 that is a lot of stuff. At first I was going to blog daily about it but I think instead I'll blog weekly. 

Now that the kiddos are older, I don't have a lot of photos anymore. Most of my photos on my phone are Pampered Chef stuff, food, and more Pampered Chef 😁

Here is a photo of a Tupperware find and something that won't be in the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge because it reminds me of my Grandma Tanny who passed away almost 2 years ago and of my beautiful mom who passed almost 22 years ago. I miss them both and when I use my Tupperware creamer thing it reminds me of them.

I'm still shocked with how much the blogger dashboard has changed.

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