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Week 2 of the 30-Day Minimalism Game πŸ™Œ

Week 2 of the 30-Day Minimalism Game Challenge. 
Wow! Week 2 ~ I'm half way through πŸ’ͺ I forgot to mention last week that I am not including things that I had already put in boxes to give away. At the time I started this I already had three boxes of books/stuff.

As I was collecting things to give away, donate, recycle, or throw out I found because of this challenge I was willing to get rid of things a bit easier. Sounds strange but some of the clothing items I had not wanted to get rid of before I can now let go of. This challenge is having me rethink why I am keeping my stuff.

Day 8~ Some pretty strange stuff I keep πŸ˜‚ These are items that came with a bag, clothing, etc.that I keep thinking I'll find a use for. I really don't like tossing things. Like the plastic bag, my thoughts are I can use it sometime in the future. The cardboard πŸ˜€ I know, it's just that it's a really nice cardboardπŸ™ˆ
And the one curtain holder, 😁 

Day 9 ~ the bag I got at Hobby Lobby a few years ago. I used it for my coloring then when we moved to our one bathroom house I used it to put my make-up in. My thought was I'd put everything in it and take it from my room to the bathroom.
Instead it ended up in the bathroom closet with all the stuff you see. Old make-up, a piece of a towel that I was hanging on too because it's a good rag πŸ˜„ old lip balm, the plastic container was inside the bag keeping all my junk organized 😁

Day 10~ another plastic bag that could hold LEGOs or something. Empty Meyer's Soap container that I just might need, old hair ties, desiccant thing, glasses cleaning towel thing, church service notes from a few years ago, contact case, and party bag that is too old looking to give a gift in it.

Day 11~ A skirt, a small purse, out dated sunscreen, another plastic bag, a Duck Dynasty beardπŸ˜„, some gloves that I don't need.

Day 12~ A box, yup, I'm a box collector. Crayons & markers, books, and an eyeglasses case, there is actually a pair of glasses in there too but I am counting it as one item.

Day 13~ the Pampers wipe box believe me when I say it was at one time really hard to get rid of it. Its come with me in the last two moves because it's useful, you can put things in it BUT with this challenge ~ I don't know what it is but it's made it easier to get rid of it.
Old deodorant that made my pits itch, crayons, empty EO bottle, old foundation make-up, little bag that I thought was cute, necklace I don't wear, Lilla Rose hair clip that is too big now, and some leaves that I just had to have two years ago (but never used).

Day 14~ to shirts that I haven't worn in months but again didn't want to get rid of until this challenge, another container (I think it was a Q-tip container), empty EO bottle, eye glass cleaner that I don't use, hair product, more Lilla Rose clips that don't fit anymore (I know wear small or extra small😱😱), make-up sponges that I no longer use, and a reindeer kit.

77 items gone! Wahoo πŸ™Œ for a total of 105 item 😲